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I don't own Invader Zim okay? Today's topic is wearing each other's clothes, and the only idea I could think of has some sexual references so that is a warning for you squeamish types. Anyway enough of this A/N, on with today's drabble!

Dib rolled over in his sleep and cuddled up next to Tak. They had been together for a few months now and after much discussion and passion had decided to share the bed together. Just before they went to sleep, Tak had said that was the best she had ever felt and glad that Dib was the one to be with her physically. They had to be careful about it however, Dib and Tak knew that Professor Membrane and Gaz were in the house as well and they took full privilege to pester Dib about Tak whenever she was over at his house and if they heard noises that sounded like sex from his room. Professor Membrane would just sit right down on the bed and give both of them the sex talk and a talk about how dangerous unsafe sex was and Gaz would just take pictures to save for blackmail. Neither case was pleasant and would defiantly kill the mood in the room. He cuddled up close to Tak, feeling her body against his. Soon however, there was a knock at the door.

“Son! It is time to get up! You and your sister and your girlfriend if she wants to come, are going fishing!” Professor Membrane said.

“Dad!” Dib moaned, “Why?”

“Family bonding. Simmons said to me that he bonds with his son that way. So get dressed!” He said as he walked off. Since Dib and Gaz were getting older and nearing graduation now, Professor Membrane was trying all he could to bond closer with his kids. But what he didn't know in his well-meaning mind was that Dib and Gaz absolutely hated the ideas he was putting out to bond. If he wanted to bond with them, he could have just kept up the trips to Bloaty's Pizza Hog. Even though Dib was 18 and Gaz was 17, they still loved the times together with their dad eating pizza and they had put in some new games for older teenagers that made it okay to be seen there.

“Your dad is a brilliant idiot.” Tak moaned as she rolled over.

“Maybe but if we back out of family bonding time, he is never going to let me live that down and he will keep trying to get me to dump you and hook up with some daughter of one of the scientists in his labs. No offense to them, but they are not as wonderful as you Tak.” Dib smiled in the dark. Tak couldn't see the smiled too well, but she could feel the warmth in the dark. Dib rolled out of his bed and grabbed what felt like a pair of pants and a shirt with his jacket. He felt his boots and began to put them on. If they came off in the dark, he could put them back on in the dark. Tak then followed his example and grabbed the pants and shirt and what felt like her dress in the dark and put them on. Then, Dib opened the door and let Tak head out the door to the living room first.

“I hope that we don't have to go in the water.” Tak said.

“We won't. I made sure to tell Dad you hated getting wet, so he made sure that you wouldn't on this trip.” Dib said as he walked down the stairs behind Tak. As they headed to the living room to wait for Professor Membrane to get everything together, Gaz started to smile, putting her hand over her mouth to cover up the laughter that was near impossible to contain.

“What's so funny Gaz?” Tak asked looking at her with anger.

“Maybe you two should have turned on the lights before you got dressed.” Gaz said.

“What?” Dib said.

“Look in a mirror.” Gaz said turning on her Gameslave 2. If she kept it on silent, Professor Membrane wouldn't know that she was playing the game instead of fishing.

Dib got up and headed to the mirror on the side of the wall and rubbed his eyes. It had seemed that he had gotten dressed like he should have, but once he had started waking up he realized something. He was wearing Tak's dress. Irken clothing could expand to fit as needed, so he didn't notice the size difference. “TAK!” Dib yelled.

“What?” She said heading over to him.

“Look.” Dib said pointing to the mirror.

“Uh-oh....” Tak said. “I didn't notice this...”

“You should go change real quick.” Gaz laughed. “Do you really want Dad seeing you in a dress Dib?”

“No,” Dib said as he ran back to his room Tak behind him.

“And this would all have been avoided if you two had turned on the light.” Gaz said simply.

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With the shooting of 9 unarmed black people in a church in South Carolina by a lone white gunman and the sudden uproar to ban the Confederate flag, I have to say a few things that may not be popular or known. I was watching CNN and was appuled by two things that some of the guests said and made me want to jump through the TV and kick their ass. (I don't care their skin color, stupid knows no color.) and it was these things. Not word for word but close.

1. That was the past we need to focus on the future.

And to that I say, without a past, we don't have a future. What do we learn what not to do? Where are our roots? Would he go back 150 years to his ancestor and say, "Your suffering gets in the way of my ideas so I am going to forget about you" FUCK NO! I would dare not go to 1605 and say that Guy Fawkes. (I use him as I am decendent from him.) Would you go up to a solider from World War II and say, "What you did was sooooooooo long ago that I am going to forget you." Nope. Without the past we have no hope. If you want to go that route, I had best not see you celebrating the 4th of July. I had an ancestor die at Vicksburg and I am not forgetting him and what he did.

2. The Confederacy lost. Get over it, no where else in the devloped world does the loser of a rebellion fly their flag.

Someone never crossed the pond. In Britian they warred against each other for years and Scotland still flies their flag, you want trouble, go to Northeren Ireland. That'll make you think twice.

As a student of the Civil war I have been appualed at what people said. I am a daughter of the Union who fought to unite the country, not divide it worse My ancestor did not get yellow fever at Vicksburg and I did not have members of the Bucktail Brigade of the 149th PA nearly get anhilated to have a bunch of people who never even read their high school history books run around saying the war should be started again. For fools like you banging your war drum look up colorized pictures after the battle. Seeing the guy carry 3 skulls in a wheelbarrow and the bloated and dead bodies in color as if they were taken only yesterday have impact and make it feel real.

I will not deny that the Confederate flag has been used for racist purposes. Yet what even many white supremist groups are doing is decrying what the guy did as a lone wolf attack. He had no affilations with them. And yes Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest did found the KKK but only as a defense against angry Northerners who wanted revenge for Lincoln getting shot. Lincoln's plan for Reconstruction would have been easier. But in revenge Andrew Johnson (who was later Impeached) punished all the South for what one lone psycho did (Hey doesn't that sound familiar?) and the way Reconstruction was handled created resentment today that is in the SOuth's blood. I mean how would if you feel if you just lost, admitted defeat and kept getting kicked while you were down? You'd be pissed. But back to Forrest, when the KKK was getting too racist by a few of the members, he threatened to kill them, draw hang and quater them. He was against blaming the African Americans for what happened. After his death, the KKK focused more on race.

Here are some overlooked facts about the slavetrade

1 Many rich New Englanders had monitary intrest in the Slave trade

2. In Louisiana rich blacks owned slaves.

3. British slave trade laws were the harshest. Slaves in French colonies could read and write and had more human dignity

4. Many of the slaves sold in the slave trade were prisoners of war with other African tribes.

I am not trying to justify slavery in any way nor saying the South was right, all I am doing is putting out facts that put things in more of a perspective. Not to mention what is known as the "Confederate flag" is not the true flag of the Confederacy. The one we know as the Confederate flag is the NAVAL FLAG!

I also want to mention a silimar example that has been warped and that is the swastika. It was used for thousands of years in hinduism and buddhism as a symbol of all is well. The Nazis took it (in the way the occult used it) called it the Hakenkrutz. Or how about the Cross in Christianity. The cross is an instrument of toruture used all throughout history globally. Keep facts like that in perserpective.

The idea of banning a flag is disconcerting to me as where does it stop? Will it lead to a nation where all you can fly is the US flag and no others? God forbid you fly a flag of your Irish heritage as many do or a Christian flag at church (and I could get into the crimes of Chrisitanity but all I just leave it at Crusades, Salem Witch Trials and Spanish Inquistion) You may not agree with the Confederacy but will you let what a small group of people do be your key to signing away your freedom of expression. I am of English heritage, I will fly the Union Jack and England's flag. I feel that honors where they came from. On my mother's side I had a British solider desert for the colonies and I doubt he would die for what we have now. If he saw that, he would have just deserted, not fought. At least he would be very disappointed. We have signed away our rights out of fear. Be that terrorists or just offending someone. (Which if someone offends you, tell them so CIVIL and civilized people will stop. If not, hit them!)

We are being manipulated into another civil war by the media and devisive politics. We are human beings that can think for ourselves! We cannot let mass media tell us how to think and play their games for ratings. This is not the Capitol and we are not Panem and this is not the Hunger Games. Let us show the spirit of Indviduality and value that we had to begin with! In fact back in the 1800's if someone was ridiculously racist, most people would tell them they were being a jackass and if they hurt someone, they would be punished. I think if the people could forgive the man who did this crime, the least we can do as a nation is not use the corpses of the dead to justify our own hatreds on both side. You just dissed the hell out of good people that way.

Another thing no one mentions and strikes a nerve as I live in Appalachia and see this every day is the guy was on Suboxone. A pill used in place of opiaids, often used in rehab as cold turkey is vicious way to get off pain pills like oxycotin, and is highly addictive in and of itself. I walk down the road and see prescription bottles of suboxone with the name scratched out all the time. I know the pain that pills cause and this is normal psychotic reation many have. People have killed their own family for no good reason and I hear it all the time here because of the rate of people addicted to narcotics. If this happened where I live this would not be news. A white guy goes into a white church and kills people no one cares? Now isn't that racist? But let's not blame the pills big pharma pumps us with. This guy was unstable for awhile and all that was done was pump him with pills. THAT DOES NOT WORK! PSYCHIATRIC CARE IS MORE THAN A PILL. Part of the reason I quit seeing the one I was for depression. He thought I wanted pills when all I wanted was help with my fucking depression that was making me near suicidal and I will admit I have bouts of it when things get tough, but he didn't help, I had to dig in myself and find what was causing it. Getting seizures under control and finding work and things I am good at (taxes, writing and civil war artillery reeenacting for example) helped me value myself again. And that was a tough road. Like I said I do have bouts where it gets bad and that is when stress like unemployment and drama get to me but all I know is that putting me on pills like kolopan or lithium wouldn't do much, maybe keep me asleep all day. (I have had vicodin after wisdom tooth surgury with an antibotic and that is what it did.)

So in conclusion, do not forget history, do not make large groups pay for a lone idiot and psychiatic treatment does not mean pump you full of pills. But I do encourage everyone to study both sides from 1850-1870 as there are too many parallels to ignore anymore. Read Jeff Sharraa's Gods and Generals and I swear to god the beginning will sound just like today. History cannot be censored nor can it be forgotten. Both sides of the war have blood on their hands and we need to stop this foolishness or we will see blood in the streets as many in border states did in the 1860's. Call me what you will but this needed to be said.
SC Shooting thoughts....

These are my thoughts on the recent shooting in South Carolina and the media response to it and the complete disregard of history and facts. You may have your own thoughts but calling to forget history and using rherotric that could incite another war as bloody as the War Between the States is careless and a big middle finger to the vicitims. If you have objections, please be civil in stating it we don't need to get into fights like those that made Kansas so bloody in the 1850's

BTW I am of Union blood all the way (at least with those over dad's family didn't come over till 1868)

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I don't own Naruto okay? After seeing the response I got on the last chapter I decided to work harder on this one to update sooner. But yeah, I don't have much to say here this time, so enough of this A/N, on with the fic!

“How is the patient?” Sakura asked as she headed up to the bed where Naruto's partner in ANBU was laying in the recovery ward.

“Stable. He has been for the past few hours now mam.” The nurse said.

“Okay, get their vitals, I have to have a word with Lady Tsuande.” Sakura said wiping sweat from her brow. She headed up to Tsunade's office to see what her next orders were. Sakura knew it was well past her assigned quitting time, but the arrival of injured ANBU put all those other concerns she had on hold. As a member of the medical corps, your time off was subject to when someone didn't get hurt. Rereading her report, she opened the door and went inside to Tsunade's office.

“Yes? Who is it?” Tsuande asked from her desk.

“It is me, Haruno Sakura mi lady.” Sakura said as she headed to Tsunade's desk. “I have the recipe for the antidote. From what I could tell from the poison it was a variant of the the venom of the black widow spider, working as a neurotoxin but it also had properties of the brown recluse spider when it came to the bleeding yet it also made clots. This is an intricate poison, for it was meant to cause death days or weeks after contact.” Sakura explained handing her report to Tsuande. “I have the antidote in the report, it is based off the antivenoms of the black widow and brown recluse spiders and some anticoagulants that are given to heart patients.”

Tsuande opened the report and skimmed over what Sakura had and smiled. “Good work Sakura. You have learned well. In fact most medics on my staff would not have noticed this poison let alone been able to break down the components and come up with an antidote like you have.” Tsunade smiled.

“Thank you mi lady!” Sakrua bowed. “But some credit should go to Naruto, if he hadn't told me about his suspicions on the poisons and the decoy poison, I thought I wouldn't have noticed this.” Sakura blushed.

“You are being too hard on yourself.” Tsuande said stepping up from her desk and putting her hands on Sakura's shoulders. “Based on the reports, it was designed to hide. You found it. That alone takes great skill. And the ANBU members who were poisoned's latest blood work shows that the antidote that you made is working. Remember Sasori's notorious poison?” Sakura nodded. “You found an antidote and made a field version with Suna's limited herbs. Never forget your talents Sakura.”

“Thank you for your praise and confidence mi lady.” Sakura blushed as she bowed respectfully.

“Go home Sakura.” Tsunade said. “Take tomorrow off as well for your good work. I will see you again in a few days.” Sakura headed out the door with a bow.

Despite the confidence Tsuande had boosted in Sakura with her praise on the antidote, she was worried about Sakura. Normally she was confident about her skills as a medic and in herself. But ever since the miscarriage and Sasuke's violent and angry reaction afterwards, have made Sakura, in Tsuande's eyes at least, made her more timid and filled her with self-doubt. Tsuande had been Sakura's teacher for nearly 10 years now and she knew her well. Tsuande had never forgot Sasuke's treason of leaving the village and heartbreak it caused Sakura to begin with. The she remembered his reaction when Sakura was told of her infertility and it worried her. Since Sasuke was brought back to the village, Tsuande never fully trusted him. He had passed Ibiki and Inochi's interrogation but Tsuande was still wary of him. Women's intuition and her past with Orochimaru caused her concern. She didn't want to see Sakura give up on all she had worked so very hard for because of what Sasuke thought. Yet lately every sign she saw in Sakura was pretty much textbook on something bad in the relationship happening.

Sakura headed back to her locker and got out her purse and headed back home. She looked at her wallet and seeing that she had enough money to do so, she decided to pick up something special for her and Sasuke to have for dinner. As she walked by the restaurants, she saw that the barbecue stand was having a special, 3 skewers of teryaki beef and rice. Sakura figured she would surprise him with it when she got home. Walking to the counter, she ordered two of the special deals and when she paid for them, she headed back to the house she shared with Sasuke. As she approached the door, a slight feeling of foreboding overcame her. Sasuke had been rather short with her lately, especially when work ran longer than he expected to. Normally she was only a few minutes late when finishing up some paperwork but this time it was a few hours late. Sakura cautiously opened the door.

“Sasuke! I brought home dinner!” Sakura said nervously as she walked into the living room.

“I'm sorry Sakura, I already ate.” Sasuke said simply.

“I'll just save this for later then.” Sakura said as she headed into the kitchen to place the containers in the fridge to save for another time.

“So, you're late today as well...” Sasuke said. “Naruto stopped by and told me there was an emergency on an ANBU mission.”

“Yes there was. I am sure he explained about me having to tend to poisoning victims.” Sakura said.

“Why did you treat those ANBU members when your shift was over and you could have said that your shift was over?” He asked with a note of rising anger in his voice.

“I had to stay on until we stabilized the poisoned members. And I am one of the best with poisons in the village.” Sakura said.

“Why did they have you do it though? Couldn't have Shizune or Tsunade have done it just as well, if not better. I mean they are more experienced than you.” Sasuke said, anger creeping up on him even more.

“I am one of the best with poisons and antidotes in the village! There were three affected members and we had to make sure no other members were poisoned as well. That is something with the type of poison it was hard to detect! If I wasn't there those men would have died! They would have recovered from their wounds but they would have died from what seemed like natural causes! If I left when I was supposed to they would be dead men walking! I saved their lives.!” Sakura pleaded.

“This is how you lost the baby. You stayed at work too much and got yourself so stressed out that you miscarried! It is all your fault!” Sasuke said moving closer to Sakura in a threatening way.

“That...that could happen to anyone....” Sakura said terrified as she stepped back away from Sasuke.

“Yeah, but stress weakens you and can hurt the unborn child's development! Who knows what all those medicines  you had to handle would do to an unborn baby or all that chakra you had use when you were healing wounds! That could have done something!” Sasuke said.

“ Since when did you become a doctor? Last time you got a bad training burn, you wanted to put butter on it! A miscarriage happens when the fetus is no longer viable. It could have been from a bad sperm cell I got from you! There is no way to be certain.” Sakura said.

“That was only because you weren't around to treat me!” Sasuke said covering up for his first aid failure.

“I should be there for you by your side always?!” Sakura yelled incredulously. “You are an Uchiha and a member of the Konoha Military Police force as a police officer! If nothing else you should be able to treat and give basic first aid to anyone and be able to treat the most basic of wounds!”

Sasuke sunk back. He did know how to treat wounds and could handle most injuries. The incident Sakura mentioned was a one time accident when he was delirious from dehydration. But he didn't want anything happening to Sakura. Sasuke knew his mother kept up the home even though she was quite a skilled kunochi in her own right. But his mother's duty was first to the clan and then to the village. As an Uchiha wife, she was to look after the Uchihas. Sakura would not only be an Uchiha wife but also the headmistress of the clan. Losing the baby and her fertility caused him to forget who he really was and what he really cared about and focused on the one goal he had and that was restore the Uchiha clan the way it was, even if the way it was wasn't perfect. He was proud of being an Uchiha and he wanted to redeem the name of the clan.

“It doesn't matter!” Saskue yelled. “You are an Uchiha wife and the duty of an Uchiha wife is to the clan first!”

“What?” Sakura said taken aback. “Is that all I am to you? Your servant? To honor the Uchiha clan. I am sure even as young as you were when the massacre  happened you saw things you'd rather not have been. This is your chance to improve Uchiha!”

“You are my wife!” Sasuke yelled pulling Sakura by her vest closer to him so he would know she would hear him. “And as such you have duties to Uchiha before you do the village!” Sakura pulled away from Sasuke.

“Let me go!” She pleaded.

“You agreed to help me restore the clan and you failed!” Sasuke said.

“This could happen to anyone!” Sakura yelled. She was started to become frightened at how Sasuke was acting.

“You caused it! With all your hospital duty to Konoha over the duty to the Uchiha baby!” Sasuke said as he raised his hand and struck her face. “You ruined our family and even worse we could never try to have another child again!” He yelled as he smacked Sakura across the face again. Sakura was stunned and sunk back in the chair Naruto had sat in earlier.

“I'm sorry.” Sakura said looking down at her feet willing to say anything to bring the Sasuke she knew back.

“Just make sure you are never late again.” Sasuke said walking off.

Sakura sat there in her chair in silence while Sasuke headed upstairs to take a shower. It was true, what she was being warned about by Shizune and Tsuande. Sasuke was being harmful and hurting her, she thought as she rubbed her cheek. He wanted her to stay at home and wait on him for everything.  He didn't want her progressing in her medical skills, even though she was well on her way to being as good and skilled medical ninja like Lady Tsunade. All Sakura was to Sasuke now was just a womb that went bad to him. Ooooooooh, this is not the real Sasuke. The Sasuke I know and love wouldn't act like this. She thought. The normally intelligent, calm and quick witted medical nin was as blank minded and full of disbelief as never before. Automatically, partially to keep Sasuke happy, partially for a reason to leave the house and find someone to talk to that wouldn't write off Sasuke's behavior as the pair of miscarriage. By now the word had spread throughout Konoha about what happened anyway, so the whole village knew Sakura was infertile. Writing a list of groceries they were low on, she left a note for Sasuke on the fridge and headed out. She hoped she could find Tsuande or Naruto, as they were the people she was closest to and knew Sasuke as well to know this was something to be concerned about. Luck so happened to shine down when as she headed to the grocery store, Naruto ran into her.

“Sakura!” Naruto said. He was going to ask how his partner was doing when he noticed the bruises on her face. “What happened to you!!!!????!!” With this, he pulled her down an alley so she couldn't be bother by people talking to her.

“I ran into one of those push doors at work.” Sakura said not wanting people to talk anymore about Sasuke more than the did.

“Bullshit.” Naruto said. “Look, Sasuke was acting different when I talked to him earlier. I was afraid something like this would happen.” He pulled out some ointment and rubbed it on Sakura's cheek. “Tell me everything that happened. I won't do anything you don't want me to do.”

Sakura looked around to make sure that no one was listening. “Fine. I cam home when everyone was stable and Sasuke was mad. Beyond mad. He yelled at me while I tried to explain everything and myself, then he pulled me in, accused me of not caring about him or Uchiha, saying he wanted me to stay at home and be the housewife and abandon my medic ninja goals. He pulled me in and yelled louder and when I tried to object to being the Uchiha housewife and he smacked me in the face twice.” Sakura broke down and cried. Naruto wrapped his arm around Sakura and hugged her. She had suffered enough up to this point. First when Sasuke left the village, nearly died on the way back to the village years later, she had lost a child she was growing close to then lost the ability to ever have children again. She was a strong woman in Naruto's eyes and could forgive what happened to her but what he could not forgive was how Sasuke was treating her. It was obvious to him that he was no longer in love with Sakura and no longer respected her as the strong, independent beautiful woman that she really was.

“None of this was your fault. Sauske was the one in the wrong. You did everything right, trying to be a better medic for Granny Tsuande. No one in their right mind would blame you for the miscarriage or your infertility. Granny Tsuande said it could happen to anyone. You don't deserve this kind of treatment.” Naruto said hugging Sakura. He cared for her as a teammate and a friend too much to see this happen to her. “Kakashi-sensei is going to talk to Sasuke. Maybe he can talk some sense into him with his wisdom.”

“Rumor has it he will be the next Hokage.” Sakura said wiping a tear. “Lady Tsuande has him on the short list of successors.”

“I hope he gets it.” Naruto said. “Just remember Sakura-chan, you are special. You don't have to justify yourself to anyone. You are a brilliant, talented, strong kunochi and don't let what Sasuke thinks stop that from being true.”

“I won't” Sakura said hugging Naruto and kissing him on the cheek.

“And if he does try to hurt you again, let me know.” Naruto said with a dark look in his eyes. Brothers by bond or not, no man would get away with hurting Sakura in such a low manner. “And make sure you get plenty of ramen!” He waved as she headed to the grocery store.

How was that? Good? Bad? Serious? Let me know in a review. I was surprised at the hits and I hope you keep reading. I know it is a serious topic I am dealing with here so I hope I am doing it the justice it deserves. Anyway, remember to read (well you just did) and to review. Ciao for now,



I figured I would update this journal. I don't have much going on, I mean it is off season and I have a few job offers but since Kentucky's Unemployment laws suck major ass. :iconfrageplz: I am working on selling stuff on Amazon as phoenixangel429 but that is not too much going on. Just hoping something goes through. Anyway I am working on reading and fanfics I neglected now so that is all that is really going on right now. 
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:iconstarlightglimmerplz::iconsaysplz: Oh shit.....


See what happens when MLP gets all creepy like Adam Sutler? V has to come blow up some ponies!

Remember remember the 5th of November, the gunpowder treason and plot. I see no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot. 

(I cannot watch that episode without going on a rant about the government.....)
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