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If you need a disclaimer by chapter 17 you have some serious issues. As you should know by now, I am not Jhonen nor do I have his level of brilliance. But this seems to be a popular story of mine I decided to update this chapter. But enough of this A/N, on with the fic!

Tak decided she had enough with Professor Membrane and went back upstairs int the Rendell house to see Dib again. He had fallen asleep earlier after crying on her shoulder and Tak wanted him to rest before she had headed downstairs to try and help Professor Membrane. She knew that he was already physically exhausted from recovering from his pneumonia that he had caught while he was on the run. The situation with Gaz had just drained him emotionally immediately, thus making his recovery that much harder on him. Tak then walked quietly up to his room and opening the door quietly, went into his room and laid down beside him. Dib was still asleep but Tak didn't care he couldn't talk to her or even acknowledge her presence but the mere fact he was there made her feel so much better. Looking at his sleeping form, she sighed. He was the only being in the known universe that cared even a tiny bit about her. Out of Billions of galaxies with trillions of stars and quadrillions of planets and the only one sentient being that tore at her heart was laying right there, suffering from illness that she had helped to induce when she tried to make Irk care about her. “Maybe you humans were onto something with that star-crossed lover bullshit.” Tak said as she placed a kiss on his forehead, noticing that his fever was starting to fall a little bit. Dib let out a snore and Tak knew that he was deep asleep.

Tak left Dib's room heading to find someone else she could talk to, but she didn't know who she could do that with. All she knew was that she needed someone. She then headed down the hall and towards the kitchen. Anyone but him.... She thought as she looked into the kitchen where Frank was making a glass of lemonade while he was looking at his shotgun again.

“Where's Kathy?” Tak asked. She knew that Kathy might be more sympathetic towards her.

“Taking care of a pig. They have an infected boil behind some of their ears and Kathy went to lance them and remove the infection.” Frank explained.

“Let's get right to it then.” Tak said sitting down. “We hate each others guts and once this is all over, we will never darken each others doorsteps again. The only reason we are working is that we have the same goal in the end.”

“The only way I can see this being over is honestly when I am dead. Either it would be by the length of this standoff or your bug people killing me. You're probably going to be dead too Miss Ant Queen. You're a traitor to your people and I doubt that they will be merciful to you. I am sure the Irkens expected some resitance but not a girl like you resisting them.” Frank said taking a drink of his lemonade.

“Funny thing is Pig Smelly, Earth is the first planet Irk had to have someone is my position. Zim had sent some of his old Skool history textbooks to the Tallest. They kept them in storage and I was the only one to think to use it for proper ideas. All they did was read the chapter summaries.” Tak explained.

“I have a question,” Frank said. “If you were the only one who really studied Earth history, why were you seen to need the job in the first place?”

“One, the Tallest save me from floating around in the endless void of space in my escape pod.” Tak said, not mentioning why she was there in the first place. “They had some trouble out of a group called 'The Resisty' and wanted me to help crush human's spirit or make them love us. It was only after Red had a passing mention of Zim's old history books, I decided to study them. And believe me it was hard when the latest chapter was 'Here Comes Utah' when it became a state in 1896. Yet there was enough when I found a book about World War II. But anyway I decided to study my then enemy's past. Believe me, I did a lot you humans did to each other before. Yet I had a lot to think about. I was ordered to go after Dib and his father and I put the show on so the Tallest would leave me alone. I acted like I didn't care but I did. Let me just say, you humans know how to really shut down guilt with that alcohol stuff. Never would have been able to do it without that.” Tak laughed in a morbid sarcastic manner.

“Didn't know you bugs could get drunk.” Frank said.

“Well we can get 'buzzed' at least. But the point of my story, and why I revealed so much about my past to you, is that I want you to teach me and Dib the art of the shotgun. I think Professor Membrane is getting close to a way to break Irken paste suits But those suits can withstand my standard issue.” Tak said as she pulled out a laser gun and slid it across the table to Frank.

“Why do you trust me with this?” Frank asked looking at the advanced technology in front of him with confusion.

“Well other than the obvious fact you probably don't know how to use it here are my reasons: One, it is to earn your trust. If I give you my weapon, you can figure it out and do what you want with it and now I am unarmed so I can't pull a fast one on you. Two it is to make a tutoring pact. Basically if you teach me yours, I will teach you mine.” Tak explained. This was like so many deals she had to make when she was hunting down Zim that this was second nature to her. “They are laser guns and are all over the place when an Irken is killed. So they would be all over the place and they are simple to use. They have to be. Most soldiers in the Irken military are not that bright. If the human resistance gets a hold of them and uses them effectively, with the damage Professor Membrane's concoction will do in addition to your human weapons, it may make Irk want to leave. Or at least make this planet too costly for them to keep a hold of.” Tak explained.

“Sounds good to me.” Frank smiled.

“Good.” Tak said as she heard footsteps at the kitchen entrance.

“If Irk leaves, what'll happen to you?” Dib asked while still drowsy. “You won't go with them? You can't! And what ARE you planning with Frank?”

“He'll teach me and you shotgun skills if I teach you and him the laser guns all Irkens are issued.” Tak said simply. She was no good when it came to high stress and tension negotiations and all she could think of was the mission, no one else. “I'm going to fix what I helped to break.” Tak said with a note of shame. She then got up and kissed Dib on the cheek.

“But if we win?” Dib asked. All he really cared about was Tak and could leave Earth behind in his mind. Yet he still struggled with the idea of abandoning humanity after what all he tried to do. Even if Tak did help them run off the Tallest and the Irken Empire, she would still be marked as one of the evil invading Irkens. Sure Tak could wear her disguise around people and when she was alone with Dib, Tak could take it off, but then there was still a good chance that people would find out. Not to mention, he didn't want Tak to feel any more guilty than she already was. She was already guilt-ridden. Dib was going to find some way that she could let that fade.

“I'll cross that bridge when we get there.” Tak said as Dib's face fell. “But whatever it is, you'll be there with me.” She got up and hugged Dib and kissed him deeply on the lips. “YOU are the reason I am here. I care too much to see something happen to you.”

Frank looked on with an adoring smile at their love and then interrupted. “You mentioned a group called 'The Resisty' a bunch who are dong something similar at their home planets. Do  you know how to get a hold of them? Maybe they can help.”

“I can try. At last I knew, they were led by Vortions. I have the coordinates of Vort and after the Irkens Invaded, Vortion ships are rare so I can find those easily.” Tak smiled.

“Let me be in charge of contacting them.” Dib said putting his hand on Tak's shoulder. “I have been sending messages to alien races since I was a young child. I know exactly what to do.” He then got up and headed to the basement. “You have an old radio? And can I use that old satellite dish in the yard?”

“Yes on both counts.” Frank nodded.

“Hey, Tak is my dad still there?” Dib asked.

“Yeah.” Tak nodded. “Are you feeling better?”

Dib coughed and looked at Tak. “I'm feeling well enough.” He coughed and looked up. “Besides, all I am doing now is crying over Gaz and lying about while you guys and Dad actually work towards fighting the Irkens. Intergalactic communications devices are nothing for me to make. I have to do something and if calling in reinforcements is what I need to do, I will do it.” Dib said.

Dib turned and headed to the basement of the house and looked at the old radios on the side of the wall. These radios where older than the ones he made other intergalactic communications devices from before but he knew a lot about radio equipment already. He pulled down an old shortwave radio, pulled out a screwdriver and opened the casing of the radio. All he really had to do was amplify the broadcast it and hook it up to the twenty-five year old satellite dish that Frank had in the backyard he said that Dib could use. What the real challenge was going to be was to find the pockets of The Resisty in the Universe. That was where Tak's equipment and knowledge was going to come into play and would help. Feeling another coughing fit coming on, Dib pulled up an oily rag and coughed into it, leaving slight blackish-brown marks all over his face.

“Son, what are you doing here?” Professor Membrane asked looking up from Skoodge's body. He was too absorbed in his work to notice Dib coming in.

“Dad!” Dib said looking his way.

“You feeling better now?” Professor Membrane asked.

“A little...” Dib said coughing into the oily rag again. “But I had to do something. I was going crazy in bed thinking of....” He was about to say 'what Gaz did' but he trailed off at the look on his father's face. Despite the goggles and high collared lab coat, Dib could read his father's expression like a book. Normally the coat he was famous for was pure white, clean and meticulous, with not a thread out of place. From the time he was little, Dib could never see his father as unclean. “...everything.” Dib then turned the radio so that he could broadcast the message he had wrote down for The Resisty. Satisfied his repairs could do the job, Dib began to compose the message he had written down. 'Dear Resisty, This broadcast is from Earth Rebels from the star Solus, a recently conquered planet that was forced into the Irken Empire. We are a small force but with great skill who need the Resisty's help. Rebels have killed Irken commanders by the names of Uto, Larkz, and Skoodge who was the conqueror of Blorch. Our medal is worthy of your assistance. Please reply. We will meet your leaders at the Rendell homestead on Earth. Coordinates are given.” Dib wrote down.

“What are you writing?” Professor Membrane asked looking over at Dib.

“Preparing a message for The Resisty.” Dib said simply. “That is why I was working on the radio. I will hook it up to Frank's satellite dish and send it out.

“You might want to encode that in binary as well.” Professor Membrane said as he saw Dib's note. “The Irkens send a lot of messages by that method. I saw that while I was captured.” He added at Dib's amazed expression.

“I plan on sending it like they did the message they did on the Voyager Satellite I will send it in multiple languages, binary and have Tak translate it into Irken as well. It might help. All I can do is try.” Dib smiled.

“Use SETI's programs too. Irk didn't bother blocking it because they knew it was only for looking for any life. Once it was found out, they didn't bother with it. Use it to scan for what the Irkens and other races are saying about this too. Know your allies son.” Professor Membrane said.

“How.. how did you know that Dad?” Dib asked. This was stuff he never thought his dad would care about.

“Oh the Irkens were very careless around me when I was captured They thought of it as daily business that the captives would find no use of.” Professor Membrane smiled. “Guess they were wrong.”

“We are arrogant people, yes.” Tak said.

“Tak!” Dib turned back in surprise. Last he knew Tak was with Frank planning their last stands or their futures. Tak's despondent talk hurt him, as all he could think of was freeing Earth from the Irkens and living happily ever after with Tak. Yet part of him knew she was right with the things that she was saying. It was highly unlikely that any of them would make it out of this alive. It was more about freeing humanity and not just their relationship. Dib and Tak had a nice ring to it and if they wanted to, they could just fly off into outer-space and leave. Yet Dib cared too much about the rest of humanity to leave and Tak cared too much about Dib to let his efforts to be a total waste when she had so much to offer to help the humans win against the Irkens. It was decided just with Tak and Dib looking at each other they would see the efforts they were making to the end, be it their own demise or the freedom they were seeing so desperately.

“So, how did it go with Frank?” Dib asked.

“Well we begin training tomorrow.” Tak smiled. “You guys will learn the shotgun and I will train you on Irken laser guns. I did manage to pick up Uto and Larkz's guns as well. Those bastards.” Tak said pulling out the laser guns and twirled them around on her fingers.

“Wow.” Dib said at her sci-fi gunslinger tricks. “You really are amazing.”

“You know it.” Tak smiled. She noticed the paper with the note Dib had written down to send to The Resisty. “What's this?” She asked.

“Oh, my script for my broadcast to The Resisty.” Dib said, “The radio is ready so now all I have to do attach it to Frank's satellite dish and send it out when you give me the coordinates to Vort.”

Tak smiled. Dib was brilliant and she knew he was unlike any other person or being she had ever known. “Want to broadcast that message now?”

“Sure.” Dib said.

“First let me do this.” Tak said as she took an old tape recorder and made a few adjustments and a laser flash over the tape. “Now we can record the messages and they will play over and over without one of us being there constantly. I will set the satellite dish so that it will go to Vortion hot spots. They run The Resisty and will be who we talk to. I will also keep my disguise on so that when they do show up, I won't scare them off. They have a sore spot where Irkens are concerned and they will not believe me that I am against them.” Tak smiled as she turned her disguise back on.

“Well, either Irken or human you still look pretty good.” Dib smiled playfully. “I never thought  I would think you would look so good to me than you do now.”

“Oh you are so adorable Dib.” Tak said moving closer to Dib with a smirk on her face. “I love you Dib.”

“I love you too Tak.” Dib said kissing her. “Now let's broadcast this message.”

Dib and Tak headed up the pathway to the old satellite dish and they recorded their messages into the tape recorder they hooked up to the broadcasting radio. Dib had recorded the messages in English, Latin (as he had learned it since he was young due to Latin being a vital part of scientific language.) Binary and then Tak recorded the message in both Irken and Vortian. (She had learned many alien languages in her quest to find Zim and as Vortian was another major player in the universe's empires, she learned it.) Then as she finished up the Vortian part of the message, she attached a small yet motor to the satellite dish and programmed it to find Vortian ships and the planet Vort.

“Whoo, that was easier than I thought it would be.” Dib sighed as he laid back on a rock and Tak curled up beside him.

“Yes it was. But it was important we did it.” Tak said as she kissed Dib.

“Yeah.” Dib said as a bright white light flashed in front of them.

“I am LORD NAR, leader of THE RESISTY! Is this the Rendell Homestead we were asked to come to?” Lord Nar said as he looked around.

“Yes... yes it is....” Dib said amazed.

“Who are you?” Lord Nar asked.

“I am Dib Membrane and Kat Mann” Dib said pointing to Tak using her human disguise name. “We are leaders under Frank and Kathy Rendell who run the human resistance.”

“Take me to them.” Lord Nar said simply.

This is going to make things awkward with Frank....Tak thought as she and Dib led Lord Nar to the farmhouse.

So how was that? Good? Bad? Unexpected? Let me know in a review. I don't have much to say here but I doubt you were expecting Lord Nar. Anyway remember to read (well you just did) and to review. Ciao for now,
If you need a disclaimer, then please see one of the other 15 chapters of this story as I am getting tired of stating the obvious. I am sorry I have not been able to update in so long. Technology is wonderful when it works and when it doesn't and you are as broke as a joke, things have to get put off. But they are not forgotten and for those of you who have waited so long, here it is, chapter 16 of Taboo. Anyway, enough of this A/N, on with the fic!

Gaz laid a map of the northeastern United States (or at least that is what it used to be called before the Irkens arrived. Now it was called North Irkerica) on the desk in Zim's lab. Skoodge's last known resting place on the TRAK on his PAK was pinned with a red topped thumbtack on a small town around Allentown and Scranton Pennsylvania. Gaz knew they lived on the very tip of what used to Manhattan Island and knew it was a ways away. It was about 175 miles from where they lived to the spot they had checked where Skoodge was believed to have been killed. God, I have to give Dib this bit of credit, he made it pretty damn far to be hunted down, traced and have damn near no supplies on him at this time of year. It was the middle of March and dreary as could be this year. Almost every other day was cool and filled with drizzle if not a full blown rain storm. Most of the Irken soldiers that were doing patrols in this part of the country where Gaz and Zim had their strongest control had to constantly wear their paste suits to avoid being hurt too much by the rain. She then felt a twinge in her womb and looked down placing her hand on her lower abdomen. “Yes my sweet smeet, we will destroy any opposition to mommy and daddy, even Auntie Tak, Grandpa and Uncle Dib” Gaz said as she studied the map closer.

“So, how is the traitor Tak-bitch and that Dib-stink bastard doing?” Zim asked as Gaz jumped.

“You startled me!” Gaz said turning around to Zim. “But they won't be doing to well once I have had my say in the matter.”

“Yeah, we'll just jump in the Voot, lasers blazing?” He asked wrapping his arms around Gaz, pulling her close with a serpentine smirk on his face. Seeing that she was getting rather annoyed at his lack of tact with in approaching Gaz. Even though she loved him and pledged undying loyalty to him, she was not against causing pain on him when he crossed the line of what was acceptable. Then he placed his hand over Gaz's abdomen in an effort to tame the rage boiling inside her. “Take it our smeet is growing well. The scientists in the labs were amazed at how healthy he is.”

“With my human DNA he may not need a PAK to stay alive. A PAK as a backup yes.” Gaz said. “But no Zim,” She turned and pushed him back into a chair to explain what she had planned. “Your plan would end up being an epic failure. It would be like going after a flu with an atom bomb.”

“Huh?” On all the other planets that Irk had Invaded we destroyed everything and enslaved everyone! I mean everything and everyone! EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE!” Zim had pleaded. This was all he knew as an Invader and the races Irk had Invaded were much more advanced than humanity was. In fact all Earth was used for was for its natural resources that could be found in few other places in the galaxy.

“Yes, I know what you are saying Zim but Earth is different than all those other planets.” Gaz said rolling her eyes.” Even though she loved him, Zim knew very little, if nothing about human warfare.

“But they made our military technology, like with Vort, had evolved to pure spirit and psychic energy and perfected space travel like you guys did with flying over long distances! You humans are light years behind us! It is like humans vs lemurs! You are a million times more intelligent but in the same zoological family!” Zim said holding his hands out. Even though she was good at it, he could not stand Gaz was better than him at war.

“Yes but look at humanity's history of invasions. Humans tend to fight back against invasion more than most of the species that Irk has conquered before. Irk was already FEARED by those other planets. Humans didn't even know life existed out in space, let alone that an intergalactic superpower wanted to rule their planet.” Gaz said rolling her eyes, turning back to the map.

“Yes but most of humanity gave into us when we Invaded!” Zim pleaded.

“Resisty.” Gaz said simply. This might getting him to think more tactically when I bring up an example he might know about that his own people had to face....

“Resisty?” Zim asked, clueless as to what she was trying to say.

“Resisty.” Gaz nodded. Seeing that Zim was still not understanding her, she continued to explain. “They fought harder than the own conquered armies did. They did things no solider of the conquered planet's army would ever think of doing. Remember, we are not only on Planet Earth, the capitol we have is on American soil, a land famous for fighting back.”

“But you yourself said that Americans are nothing but cheese eating surrender monkeys! Your own government would have had this country worse than Irk has them if we hadn't Invaded when we did.” Zim yelled in anger, his urge to destroy boiling up inside him.

“Most of the modern American population is that way, yes you are right Zim.” Gaz said pulling out a history book. “However, many of the hot-spots of human resistance are filled with an independent minded people and culture that go back generations. Many of these people lived rough lives that make them willing to fight for whatever meager possessions they have. We may have a huge 17 story mansion and own all of Manhattan, but they will fight for a shack and quarter acre because that is all they own and care about. You need to study the locals more.” Gaz said throwing a third grader's history book at Zim's feet. “True Americans are the ones who are the ones fighting back. Remember learning about World War II and Japan in Skool?”

“Yes.” Zim sighed. Skool was not a subject he liked talking about as he knew it was beneath him, but part of the mission he had to do.

“You know then that Japan was fierce and most of the Pacific rim feared that nation and they invaded China and most of the nations near them. They even took a few of the Aleutian Islands in America, but do you know why they never invaded the American mainland?” Gaz asked and then she remembered that Zim never paid any attention. “Basically for the same reasons I just said. True Americans fight back against invasion”

“Oh, and that is why those  high school wolverines stopped the Russians in the 1980's” Zim said catching on to Gaz's statement.

“That was a movie...” Gaz said putting her hand over her face. “But yeah, same idea.”

“Ah! I get you now!” Zim said.

Idiot Gaz thought. “Yeah, The nearest humans that are a real threat to us that live near where Skoodge's PAK was is infamous rebels Frank and Kathy Rendell. That last name sound familiar?” Gaz turned to Zim, trying to get him to start thinking.

The name was certainly familiar with Gaz at least. In an effort to have a smeet with Zim, she had been down to the scientists in the hybridization department frequently. She had seen a few of the human women there who just blended into the background but two of the girls there were only a few years older than she was and they seemed to be a little different from the others. They seemed more defiant on what was happening to them. They were like many of the other test subjects and strapped to the gurney but they fought back more than the usual amount. All of the other human woman, while not liking the experiments nor did they volunteer for it, they gave in and let it happen to them. The Rendell sisters fought back, cursing the Irkens with every breath. It turned out they were the daughters of famous rebel leaders Frank and Kathy Rendell that were captured when Penn State University, where both of the sisters were going to college at the time, was destroyed. It was a hotbed of rebel dissent led by those sisters. Their brother had already been killed when Ft. Indiantown Gap was captured. The head scientist Coiterus said that he had to drug them but they had worried the amount of sedative they were forced to use on the Rendell sisters would hurt the unborn smeets. The Irkens found from their research of human physiology before they Invaded that sedatives, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol hurt human fetuses so after massive amounts of sedatives were pumped into the Rendell sisters, it was decided they would be the ones they use to test the effects of toxins on Irken smeet fetuses. It was with this information that Gaz knew what had to be done. The Rendells are the strongest names in the underground. Most likely, they are harboring Dib and Dad as well.  Gaz thought as she looked from the map to Zim.

“Can't we call Uto and Larkz and send them there?” Zim asked.


“Fine!” Zim yelled throwing his hands in the air. “If you are so smart, how would you do it?”

“We need to sneak up on the Rendell homestead. They are already on very high guard. They are not stupid unless we would have captured them already. They know what to expect.” Gaz explained. “But in that we cannot have this be a long time affair.”

“So, we can't starve them out?” Zim asked holding his antenna up in the air.

“I would rather we not do that. Save that plan as a backup.”  Gaz said. She was relieved that Zim was starting to think about this tactically but she had different plans.

“Well, why not?” Zim asked. First she did not want to have them destroyed immediately, now it was sounding like she did.

“Let me explain. Your original shock and awe, blaze away idea is what we need to do, but not right away. They cannot know we are coming. We need to sneak up to them. While Voot Cruisers are fast, they are bright and loud. You can bet they have an escape plan if they see or hear a Voot and they know how to do it, as they would have drilled it.” Gaz said sitting in front of Zim.

“Well, where would they go?” Zim asked.

“There are tons of old anthracite coal mines in the area. You do know why we are having a hard time with the southern Appalachian rebels?”

“The coal mines there.” Zim said. He then pressed a few buttons and saw the geological map of the area. “And the area those damned Rendells are in is similar in geology.”

“Yes.” Gaz said. “It is time to end this threat. It has gone on too long and it needs to be done. Uto, Larkz, Tak and Skoodge have failed us. We have to do this with our own command. It does not matter if Dib and Professor Membrane are not there after all; we would eliminate a safe house for them.”

Zim was shocked. Even when Professor Membrane was wanted as Undesirable Number 2, she had still called him “Dad”. But with that last proclamation, she had turned against him. Before she had turned against him and humanity but she still had a feeling of him as her father. Now she was calling him Professor Membrane as to Dad She has really become one of us Zim thought as he stared at Gaz while she was planning the attack. His heart filled with joy deep down inside. His wife Gaz was planning an ultimate assault on top rebels while carrying his smeet. Tak was gone. Dib and Professor Membrane were about to be killed and all was going according to plan. He then walked over to Gaz, wrapped around her waist and wrapped his long tongue around and in her ear while placing her on the table filled with maps with a lustful look in his eye.

“What's gotten into you Zim?” Gaz asked startled but not putting off his advances.

“You are getting sexier by the day my queen.” Zim said as he kissed her deeply.

“I love you Zim.” Gaz whispered seductively.

“I love you too my queen.” Zim whispered.

Page break to the Rendell homestead

Meanwhile, Professor Membrane and Tak were in Frank's basement working on something to dissolve Irken paste suits. Tak had carried Skoodge's corpse and pressed through the buttons on his wrist communicator until the paste suit was turned on. “Okay, so this is the paste suit Membrane.” Tak said.

“That's Professor Membrane to you.” He said. “I still haven't let you drop that title yet.”

“Fine. I can't blame you. I did beat the shit out of you before.” Tak said.

“Yeah.” Professor Membrane said rubbing a bruise that had still not healed yet. Remembering his greater duty he turned back to Tak. “Okay, where did you guys even get the idea to use paste suits?” He asked trying to break down the root of the obstacle to the rebellion in his mind.

“As much as I hate to admit this, it was Zim's idea. Before Irk Invaded, he used it to protect himself against rain. All we did was make it so it could be stored and accessed on command with a push of a button.” Tak said.

“So, what kind of paste did Zim use when he first built his suit?” Professor Membrane asked. “Because  I am sure that is what he have to your leaders to develop yours.”

“It was just the stuff that was at Skool.” Tak said shrugging. “This brand is what the Skool used.” She picked up a bottle of Daisy-craft glue. “That's it. We got a huge case when the suits were first developed.”

“Okay, it is water resistant when kept in a semi-dry state.” Professor Membrane said looking at Skoodge's suit.

“How could you tell it was only semi-dry?” Tak asked amazed. She knew Professor Membrane was brilliant but he was picking up fast on Irken technology. Nor could she see him knowing a lot about arts and crafts supplies.

“Have kids one day Tak.” She raised her antenna in confusion at him. “It's a saying here meaning one knows how things are with children when they have to raise them. “Even as little time I spent in person with Dib and Gaz,” He held back a tear at his regrets, “I know how glue is. It makes a huge mess.”

“So, if a young Dib and Gaz made a huge mess with glue, how was it cleaned up?” Tak asked.

“The basic brands, just with soap and water.” Professor Membrane explained while Tak looked at him confused. “However,” He added at Tak's shock, “I know you guys made improvements to these paste suits to make them very hydrophobic. It is more like this stuff.” Professor Membrane pulled out a tube of superglue. Tak took the small tube and squirted a small pea-sized gob on her finger and then pressed her fingers together. This stuff seemed stronger than the paste suits were made of. She then tried to pull her fingers apart and found it to be quite a challenge First she tried moving them back and forth and found it was near impossible to break them apart.

“What the hell is this stuff?” Tak yelled staring at her hand.

“Superglue.” Professor Membrane said as he took the bottle from her. “And your problem is quite a common one with people who use it. And this is how it is often taken care of.” He then pulled out a bottle of nail polish remover, poured some on a cotton ball and then put it on Tak's fingers and noticed it ate away at the superglue.

“It broke up the superglue.” Tak said slightly amused. She then looked at Skoodge's body and took the bottle of nail polish remover and poured a line on the paste suit to test the theory. It ate at some of it, similar to the superglue demonstration. “We would need something that works faster. Nail polish remover works but it is slow.” During her combat experience she knew battles were fast. “In combat things happen fast. We need a more efficient delivery system.”

Professor Membrane looked around the basement. This was the home of a farmer and mostly self sufficient one on that. Most farmers had things to spray pesticide, water crops and all those those things were portable. But while looking at Skoodge's body and the line in the paste suit Tak had made and it was then an idea hit Professor Membrane. “Fire hose!”

“What does a fire hose have to do with anything?” Tak asked confused.

“Fire hoses are used to break up protests. You guys did that to rebels yourselves don't you remember?” Professor Membrane explained.

“Yeah and....?” Tak asked still confused.

“The pressure takes off people's clothes and sometimes even their skin.” He explained.

“Yeah...” Tak said getting more and more exasperated. “But they use GALLONS of water! To do the same thing we would need gallons of nail polish remover! Where are we going to get that much nail polish remover?” She asked thinking that Professor Membrane was finally off his rocker. She was getting rather angry and tired of every human around her either not making sense or wanting to kill her. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed a jar with a clear liquid in it. Picking it up, she sniffed it and noticed it smelled like the drinks she had as Head of Torture. Knowing this is what helped her deal with the Tallest, Zim and Gaz, she took a drink of the alcohol. It seemed that she would never forgo her new drinking problem as humans and Irkens were equally as stupid around her. Frank and Professor Membrane was getting to be as annoying as the Tallest and Zim.

“Well, I will experiment with other common farm chemicals as many have similar make-ups to nail polish remover and they are in the same family. But my fire hose mention was to tell you that pressure can take a small amount of water and do great things with it. There are many farm implements that create pressure and while using a decent amount of the chemical we would need. They are also meant to be portable so rebels can use them. So that is why I mentioned the fire hose.” Professor Membrane explained. “Hope that clears things up.”

Tak sat on the stool beside him and, after taking a long sip of the moonshine, sighed. This is the best idea I have heard so far, so I best try to help Membrane here. She then sighed and turned to him. “Sounds fine. Let's get to work.”

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With Johanna's words ringing in his mind, Dipper headed back to his room. A woman as fierce, scary, angry and aloof as she was was at one point in her life as silly, sweet and cute as Mabel is. He opened the door and saw that Mabel had somehow fallen asleep on top of his Journal while clutching the Tape Measure Time Machine close to her chest. He could see that Mabel was breaking down inside; the stresses of the impending doom killing her. The Careers don't need to lay a finger on her. She'll give herself a heart attack Dipper thought as looked at her disturbed sleeping form. Sitting down next to her, he placed his hand on her hair. He closed his eyes and tried to sleep, but the light pastel pink streaks of sunrise was peeking though his eyelids, stirring himself awake. He then pulled out a blue polo shirt, black pants and his signature pine tree hat. Moving off the bed as to not wake Mabel up from the little sleep she was able to get, he sighed as he headed to the shower. Never in his life had he felt like this. When gnomes wanted to marry her, when Gideon tried to force her to be his queen, they never pained Dipper like this did. Those incidents did not feel so real nor did they feel like such a real threat. Like something that could really harm his sister. This was different.

He opened the door to the bathroom and looked down. Back in 2013, if something bothered him, he'd get in the shower and think until the water turned cold. Maybe it would work here. The Capitol made sure hot water was in plentiful supply, so he could take as long as he wanted to in there. At least he could until ten that morning when Training began. Johanna would expect him at breakfast but he knew there was no way in the world he could eat. Worry had already eaten him.

As the pink sunrise turned to a warm morning, the hot water and different scented soaps did nothing to ease his worry nor clear his mind. Dipper sighed, turning off the water, grabbing a towel to dry off with. He had no idea what time it was now, nor did he really care about that. All he knew was it was one minute closer to his almost certain demise. His breakfast would just sit in front of him, so why should he really bother with it anyway? He turned to the bed to find that Mabel had already left to get changed and that she had taken the tape measure with her. Dipper than put his had on and walked out of the bathroom. He turned back to the bed and then saw that someone, probably Mabel, had placed Grunkle Stan's medallion on the side of the bed. Dipper grabbed it and looked at the old disco markings on the gold metal. “You  were the best Grunkle ever Grunkle Stan. If you are still with us in some ghost form or something like that, can you help me protect Mabel? I'm just a wimp. You could kick butt even for an old dude....” Dipper sighed as he looked at the golden circle from 1976 with a tear falling onto it.

“I have faith in you kid. You're a fighter. Never forget who you really are.” A voice said, sounding a lot like Stan's did once Dipper's tear hit the medallion.

“God! I must be hearing things!” Dipper yelled into his reflection in the mirror. “Grunkle Stan has been dead for over 200 years!” Yet another voice in his head nagged at him. You saw strange things before. Things you would have never thought was real before. Who's to say Stan isn't haunting this medallion? Dipper shook his head and decided, even though he was too worried to, that he needed something to eat. He needed something with nutrients if he was hearing things like Grunkle Stan's ghost in a gold medallion. Besides, Mabel may already be there and they could talk strategy and make the most of what he knew as going to be their last few days together. Mentally, Dipper thought if he was prepared for the worst, he would be ready for the worst and it wouldn't bother him as much. It was as if he had no where left to fall. He opened the door to the dining room to find Blight, Johanna and Mabel all standing there at a breakfast buffet putting various foods on their plates. Dipper was curious to see how Mabel was and he knew he could tell how she was feeling by what she had put on her plate. Mabel has placed a few pancakes on her plate, covered them in chocolate syrup, placed a few fruit loops on the pancakes and took another bowl of fruit loops with her back to the table. She sat down beside Johanna and looked like she was able to eat something. Dipper smiled and headed to the buffet, took a plate and put some pancakes and sausage on it and sat down next to Mabel. She looked like she was enjoying the pancakes she concocted, so a little stress was lifted off his shoulders.

“These are some of the best pancakes I have ever had!” Mabel said waving her fork in Dipper's face. She then took a piece that was on her fork, placed it in her mouth and savored it. Then she took a few more fruit loops from her bowl and placed them in the chocolate syrup that the pancakes where swimming in.

“Well,” Blight said with a smile on his face. “She can eat nearly anything, that sure is a plus.”

“She's done worse, believe me. Cotton candy on a corn dog.” Dipper smiled with a slight sigh as he began to eat his pancakes.

After breakfast, Johanna, Bight, and (much to Johanna's displeasure) Muffie, led Dipper and Mabel to the Training arena. The arena was a huge gym with stations in it devoted to everything from knot-tying, to edible plants to knife fighting and archery to various hand to hand martial arts fighting techniques. Some of the Careers were already there, showing off their strength and martial skill and practicing with weapons. Some of the Tributes from the other Districts were there as well, but not as many. Thinking that evasion and living off the land would help them more than actual fighting would, Dipper led Mabel to the survival skills section. Dipper could start a fire pretty well, but that was only with matches or a lighter. Mabel was an arts and crafts master so if she could use those skills to make traps they could be okay for awhile.

“Mabel, I was thinking...” Dipper said turning beside himself, where he thought that Mabel was, and found that she was gone and by the knot-tying booth, making a macrame net out of grass from the edible plants booth. “You are quite good at that....” He said in astonishment.

“Yeah, you bet she is.” The instructor said turning to Dipper. “This is your sister, right?”

“Yeah.” Dipper said taking minute comfort in her arts and crafts skills seeing that she was already on the same wavelength as him when it came to using her skills like that.

“Well she is the best knot tier I have ever seen.” The instructor sighed. “I've seen you around. Dipper Pines is it?”

“Yeah” Dipper said.

“Yeah. Well like I said, I've seen you around and I must say that I have faith in you. Most of the times the Careers win because of sheer strength. Most of the Tributes think that if they get right to the Cornucopia, they'll find some magic wand or massive machine gun or atomic bomb vaporizer and kill everyone and win. Well, honestly that is a good way to get killed. Only once was there ever a gun in any of the Games and that was an old .22 caliber single shot pistol. No good for hunting and with 23 other Tributes, one shot is not good for self-defense. Psychological warfare. It's a Gamemaker's specialty.” The instructor explained to Dipper.

“Okay, I will remember that...” Dipper said a little freaked out. “Why are you telling me this?”

“You care about your sister more than you do yourself. You want her to live. Why else would you have volunteered to be the male Tribute for District 7?”The instructor said with a smile.

“Yeah, you got that right....” Dipper said.

“Now as an instructor I can't normally take sides but I never have anyone here anyway, they all want the more glamorous fighting booths. Anyway, I'll give you these...” she looked around to make sure no one official was listening. “...instructions to instruct you as an instructor. Learn survival skills. Careers cannot last very long without their stuff. They only know how to fight. Starve them out. Brains can beat brawn. But just remember, a little basic self-defense cannot hurt either.” She added with a wink.

“Blight said something like that too earlier...” Dipper said as Mabel ran over to him.

“Dipper!” Mabel said holding her grass macrame work up for him. “See my net! I even wove a smiley face in there too! See!” She said excitedly.

“It's great.” Dipper smiled at Mabel.

“Mind if I see this?” The instructor said, taken aback at Mabel's practical artwork. “You could catch the best fish in that face there....”

“Thanks! Miss....” Mabel said looking at the instructor.

“Kravitz.” Miss Kravitz said. “You must be Mabel Pines. I cannot believe that you were Reaped young lady. Only twelve years old and from a good family in District 7 too. However, I think if you two work together, you will have a good chance to win this thing. Like I told your brother, brains can beat brawn. I may seem biased on the matter, but please do think about it.” Miss Kravitz then turned back to her station and straightened up when Mabel headed over to learn more about the various knots to see if she didn't know any of them already.

Dipper decided to check out the edible plants section while Mabel was working with the knots. He had heard from the other Mentors he passed on the way there that this was the section you wanted to check out if you wanted to get an idea of what type of arena you were going to be in. Looking at the plants at the booth, he saw various mushrooms, mosses and ferns and pine tree needles, many of which he had seen before when he was in the woods around Gravity Falls. This gave him a little comfort. He was going to be on grounds he knew a little bit about to begin with. The took a bit of moss, squeezed it to get all the water he could out of it, picked up a set of pine needles and the instructions to make a tea rich in vitamin C when he bumped into two girls, Whyfy Gates from District 3 and the snow blonde Crystal, who was flirting with him back at the chariots.

“Is that for me?” Crystal said taking the mug of luke-warm tea from his hands. “Thanks.” She said drinking it all in one gulp. “I was thirsty.”

“Ummmm....” Dipper said and then looked down broken-hearted at the empty mug. “I guess I will have to make more now....”

“BLECH!” Crystal said. “I wouldn't want to live on that stuff anyway!”

“Forgive her please.” Whyfy said. “She can be quite....upfront and bombastic, but she was the only ally I could make here.”

“What about the guy with you?” Dipper asked.

“Yes. While Nikola is from home, he wants to work alone. Which honestly baffles me. I mean as a lineman you need to rely on your team and that is what he is training to do.”

“Yeah.” Dipper sighed. “You must be Whyfy.”

“Yes. You must be Dipper Pines. You are quite the celebrity around the Capitol from what I can gather.” She held out her hand in greetings. “Whyfy Gates, as you know.”

“Dipper Pines.” He said shaking her hand in response. Good. Sequoia said to ally with the people from District 3.

“It is very nice to finally meet you properly. I figured that this booth would be useful when Crystal joined me. Neither of our Districts get out much and are very urbanized. We need to learn nature and this would help. Can't rely on the cornucopia now can we?”

“Nope.” Dipper said sitting next to Whyfy as she inspected a false morel from a true morel. “But we should learn some self-defense skills as well. Or at least that is what Miss Kravitz over there has said.” He then looked over to where a Career had destroyed a dummy with a knife and knew that it was needed even if they succeeded in staying away till the Careers killed each other off.

“You know, I saw Mabel's artsy fishnet and she may be able to get a good score  during the private sessions.” Whyfy added looking closer at the true morel.

“I know, that is for Sponsors.” Dipper said rolling his eyes, tired of hearing this stuff. He looked at the fern berries at the booth and made sure to memorize the poisonous ones. They could be of use later. This was getting rather annoying, playing up the cute twin angle so some sick, twisted people could buy you overpriced supplies and so you could MAYBE have a chance in their games. He looked over at Mabel thinking of all that was piling on them.  I have to protect her Dipper thought as he looked at her.  We're here because of me.  Then he noticed that she had found a branch and a pocket knife and sharpened it to a point, then threw it, hitting a training dummy nearby in the chest perfectly.

“Gotcha!” Mabel said jumping up and down.

“Your sister seems to be quite good with that. A real natural with spears.” Whyfy said in amazement.

“Yeah, she's good to have on our team after all.” Crystal said, Dipper's eyes widening in shock.

“What is THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!!!?” He asked anger of her.

“Sorry....” Crystal said looking down at her feet. “I...just...nothing....”

“It's okay.” Dipper said, seeing that she was really sorry. “I just have to look after Mabel is all. I mean we never have been through anything like this before and I am just freaking out.”

Dipper then sighed and walked away. It is easy to keep your cool in front of monsters and ghosts and cursed wax statues but as each day went on, death seemed more and more ominous. All you need to do is show Whyfy the tape measure. Sequoia said she might be able to fix it. Dipper thought as he turned from the training grounds to a dark corner.  But this thing is from Twenty Snevendy Twelve which is over 20,000 years from now. Then again... they could have used a different calender than we do in Blendin's time. Twenty Snevendy Twelve might not be that far away anyway Dipper thought as he picked at the silvery tab at the end of the tape measure time machine.  Maybe Mabel was right. I mean it looks just like it did when we broke Grunkle Stan's  Dipper laid back on the ground ans said to the sky, hoping some deity whatever deity would care. “It's all for Mabel. If I die, I don't care. But she needs to win. Victors get a VERY good life.”

“ need an intelligent teammate who could help you with that goal.” Whyfy said as she bent over Dipper and smiled. “And not by killing you.”

“Yeah, but won't we all have to die except for Mabel anyway if we want that goal to happen anyway?” Dipper said still staring at the ceiling, not paying direct attention to Whyfy.

“Yes, but even despite her natural skills, how long could Mabel make it on her own all alone out there? You know as well as I do that the Careers would pick her off first even if she wasn't a Capitol favorite. They always do that with girls like Mabel. But if we have a small group going anyway, kinda like the Careers do themselves, we can last longer. None of us can stand up on our own. Beetee always told me the mind can be a better weapon and used better than muscle.” Whyfy confessed.

“Who is Beetee?” Dipper asked.

“District 3's male Mentor.” Whyfy answered. “But I can tell that when fear and depression are not crushing your soul, you are very intelligent. Crystal is a firebrand who can be used for other purposes in our group. That and I think she finds you attractive too.”

“Crystal?” Dipper said looking at where Mabel was showing Crystal the finer points of making a finer point.

“Yes. I know, she doesn't seem your type.” Whyfy added at Dipper's expression. “But we can worry about that later. I am going to work on getting Nikola on our team as well. You me and Mabel would be better as traps and fortifications, Crystal and Nikola, if he joins, are great guards. We need this to be like a military operation. I have studied many accounts from history and took lessons from it.” Whyfy added  sitting beside Dipper.

“I thought he wanted to go it alone.” Dipper said confused.

“Yeah. He always claimed 'The odds are never in our favor', what with us being from District 3 and all but we can help tip the scales. I will have Beetee and Wiress talk to him as well. If we team up, Districts 3, 7 and 8 can rock Panem!” Whyfy smiled holding her hands in the air. “We will have new kinds of Victors!”

“Why 8 as well?” Dipper asked.

“Crystal's District.” Whyfy said simply.

“You seem a little more hopeful than I last recalled you.” Dipper said.

“Well to be fair, a little of Crystal rubbed off and seeing how you and Mabel are inspired me. Brains over brawn may be possible. You proved to me there are still good people left in this world. While we may have to do bad stuff real soon, good may beat evil.” Whyfy said hugging Dipper.

“You're right.” He said. Dipper smiled feebly and with a grim, gallows sort of humor said, “Besides, if we're going to die, let's die like a boss helping each other!” He then stuck out his hand. “Teammates?”

“Teammates!” Whyfy smiled shaking his hand.

“They then got up and headed over to where Mabel and Crystal were throwing sharp-ended sticks at dummies knowing this was their whole world of concern now and it was Whyfy, Crystal, Mabel and Dipper against the world with their lives on the line. But if one is to die, die like a boss saving someone you love.

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Zim threw Christie over his shoulder and walked out of the club with a stern look on his face. This should shut those damned gossipers up for a good while. He thought as he opened the door to his car and threw Christie in the back haphazardly as he locked the doors as he got back in the car.

“It's amazing....” Zim sighed as he started up the car.

“What?” Christie sassed. “That you are still alive? That I haven't killed you yet?”

“Shut up you dumb bitch.” Zim said blankly. “If you tried to kill me, I would kill you first. It's too damn easy.”

“Pffft.” Christie said. “You think that.”

Zim slammed on the brakes, pulling out a laser gun and pointed it right in between Christie's eyes. “Really? All I would have to do is pull this trigger. Once the connection to the circuit is made, this fires a laser hot enough to cauterize the wound once it is made. At the speed of light none the less. None of this 'feet per second' bullshit your human guns have. Nope.” Christie's eyes widened as Zim continued to explain. “Now you may only have an eighth grade education but I am sure you know it takes 8 minutes for light from the sun to hit Earth. Now if light goes 93,000,000 miles in 8 minutes, just imagine how fast it would be if the source was say, just millimeters from your head?” Christie gulped in terror. “Yeah, you would do best to remember that.”

Christie just sat there looking down at her feet. Zim could really kill her in the blink of an eye if he wanted to. The fact he had not yet reminded her that he had some concern for her well-being, even if it was for his own gain. Best make sure he never wants to kill me. Why Dib and him haven't handed me over to the Tallest yet is a mystery. Sure I could tell them how Dib and Zim really feel about each other but I don't have the proof. Zim could easily deny it. Christie thought. She then pulled her legs close to her, wrapped her arms around them and started shivering. “Hey, don't mean to whine, but do you have a blanket or something? This sexy angel outfit I have to wear at the club is a horrible choice for the cold weather.” she whimpered.

“Here.” Zim said throwing a jacket at her. “This'll help. I don't need my Most Valuable Prisoner getting hypothermia.”

“Well, where are we going?” Christie sighed.

“Where I have to. You can't get out. So you're going to sit there. Keep the blanket around you I can't help your job's poor choice of apparel.” Zim sassed.

“Okay.” Christie whimpered.

Meanwhile Dib was looking down at the corpse of a chimpanzee that he had just tested the killing sound on. It seemed from the results that a mix of Justin Bieber, techno music and high pitched noises worked on primates when they were focused on the right way. He bent down, felt the monkey's pulse on his neck and was certain the animal was dead. All of a sudden, a vision of Derek Elieson flashed into his mind. This was the fate that he was to face. And HE was the one who had to do it to him. Yet in his own home, Zim and he were keeping up his rebel sister. Zim either already knew or was going to know about Derek's fate soon enough. He knew Zim wasn't likely to tell Christie but he could not be sure that Zim would keep the secret. In fact, Zim was getting rather irritated with her attitude. Yet each time Dib thought of Christie, he knew he was betraying what he used to be. He used to be Earth's defender. In fact, he had even gotten Zim was even helping him do that by teaching him the tactics and strategies of other possibly hostile aliens. Then the Invasion happened and all that changed. They now had to oppress humanity and give Irk the technology to do so. Dib had dreamed that by this point in his life, Zim and he could actually use Zim's Irken technology to actually help the human race. Needless to say, this wasn't what Dib had in mind.

There were times Dib thought of sabotaging the projects he had to work on, but then not only would he be killed, but his dad, and Gaz would be killed as well. Most likely the Head of Reeducation would make Dib kill his dad and sister before he was killed by Zim. God, that is a horrible thought. Dib thought as he looked over at his dad, working with an Irken scientist. Christie saw her parents killed, lived as a vagrant and thinks her brother is being tortured or he is dead. Dib bit his piece of Bloaty's pizza. Is peace worth the lie? Dib thought as he looked at the dead monkey, the photo of Derek Elieson and the image of Christie Elieson's rage in his mind. She is right to be so pissed at me. I was on the team that perfected reeducation PAKs that her parents refused. I mean I told them of the 1960's college riots and Soviet monitoring of colleges. I even lost my copy of 1984 in front of the Tallest themselves! Dib thought as he picked at the pizza with a mournful face.

“You okay Dib?” Glowgoo asked, sitting beside him.

Why does she have to be a sweetheart? Dib thought. His vendetta against Irk would be so much easier if he wasn't in love with Zim. It would be easier if all Irkens he met were as vile as the generals and the Tallest. Ones like Glowgoo and Table-headed service drone Bob were sweet. It was pretty much if you were a short civilian, you were lovable. “Nothing. Bad pizza today.” He lied.

“Well if you need anything, let me know.” She got down and carried a bottle of hydroelectric acid to another scientist. His phone buzzed in his pocket as he turned and pulled it out. “'Dib, I have to come to the labs, there's a big testing going on tonight and I have to make some arrangements. Rumor has it the Tallest will be there. They are coming to Earth today and I'm to greet them. Bye.'” He read and then said under his breath, “Can't even say 'I love you' even anymore over the phone. Irk took over the NSA or now the ISA”

“Membrane Jr!” Floogoo called. “I can see your prototype was a success.” He said throwing the dead monkey on the table. “I am sure you heard, rumors travel fast, but the Tallest are coming tonight so they can witness the execution of Derek Elieson. Wish we could find his sister Christie, but every Christie we catch isn't a DNA match.”

Good thing Floogoo doesn't know everything Dib thought. “Who else is coming?” He asked.

“Oh, Zim, a bunch of generals, the usual Tallest entourage.” Floogoo said waving his hand. “Make sure your trigger finger's well! You're showing it off!” He laughed smacking Dib on the back.

Zim drove down the road looking for the lab that Dib worked at. As the Invader of Earth and one of Earth's top generals, he was to be there when the Tallest arrived. There was a special room at the lab prepared for them before the demonstration. They were due to arrive at 5 p, that day and it was already 4:30. There was no way for him to get Christie back to the house and get back to the lab in time, so he figured that with her as depressed and tired as she seemed, all he would have to do is lock the door and she would seem just like a captured human. By the time he had pulled into the parking lot, Christie had fallen asleep. She'll be okay with the blanket Zim thought. She spent three years living with worse before we hit her. He locked the door and walked in. As he did, a test subject was wheeled by in a life suspension tube. The man seemed slightly familiar but when Zim paused, he had already been taken to the execution chambers. The Tallest were due to arrive at the back meeting hall, where Zim, Dib, Floogoo and the other scientists and generals were to meet them. Dib was already there beside his father looking at the sound ray gun. His face was blank while he rolled a lint roller down his red lab coat. From the look on his face Zim could tell he was the one to initiate the fatal demonstration.

Zim sat down beside Dib, placing his shoulder and whispered so that only Dib could hear, “It'll be okay. You'll do fine.”

“I have to kill him.” Dib said with a slight sob. “I have to be the one to actually kill him. With something I had to build even.”

“It's for the best” Zim said rubbing Dib's shoulder how he liked but still making it look  like he was really forcing a human scientist to do Irk's will. “We can talk more later.” He said firmly. Zim knew Dib could get quite emotional when he was feeling guilty and that made him much more affectionate towards Zim and that was just not needed right now. For Miyuki's sake, Dib, keep it together! It's been too long but I will show you so much love when we get home if you just keep it together Zim thought trying to somehow telepathically bore his thoughts into Dib's mind. It had seemed like Dib had gotten the message, he gulped and then stoically sat up as the royal trumpets played, lasers flashed and smoke machines were used announcing the Tallest's entry.

“Presenting, you know them, you love them, you fear them! The Almighty Tallest!” The royal guard announced.

“My Tallest!” Zim saluted standing up.

“My Tallest!” Floogoo said saluting as well.

“At ease gentlemen.” Red said motioning for everyone to sit down.

“Can anyone explain why we are here?” Purple asked. He knew perfectly well  they were there to witness Derek Elieson's execution with new technology, but he liked being told.

“Sirs!” Dib said standing up, keeping his facade up for Zim. “As one of the human scientists you have working for you my Tallest.” Dib picked up the gun, suppressing the urge to vomit all over himself, or just kill himself with it, continued. “”I was requested to make a sound wave gun that kills. I am here to say that I have perfected the concept. It can be directed towards small groups of human enemies and by adjusting the levels, you can kill a whole rioting crowd. Perfect to use on humans during the upcoming molt.” Dib explained. I hope to god this thing backfires... Dib thought.

“Excellent! Red said.

“If you will follow me My Tallest, Dib here will show you how it works on an actual human. Primary testing on primates have proven successful.” Floogoo said leading the group.

Meanwhile, Christie had woken up from her nap in the back of Zim and Dib's car. She looked out the windshield and found it parked in front of the notorious labs that she had seen many vagrants taken to.  Oh, so I sassed that damn faggot bug too much and now he's turning me in! Well, I'll show him! Christie thought. She tried the back door, finding it locked with no way to unlock it there, she tossed the blanket aside and crawled up front and opened the driver side door and tumbled out onto the sidewalk. Rage had burned up inside her so much, she didn't care she was scantly clad in her dancer's outfit, complete with stiletto heels. All she cared about was killing Zim before he could hand her over. She picked up a stray brick, not caring who saw. Before Zim and Dib took her in, (for lack of a better term) she had fended off many attackers, even killing one, with stray bricks. She had even destroyed a PAK of an ignorant Irken who lost his gun once. He was rather short, so she did have the upper hand but if it worked once before, she thought it would again. Opening the door, she looked around. There was no one in sight. Thinking that this was her chance, she took off the loud heels and crept into the first open door with a light she saw on. It had looked like a big firing range with a slight monkey smell. At the end was a lime-greenish glow that pulled her towards it, almost hypnotically. At the end was a man, and not just any man either.

“De...Derek?!?!” Christie said placing the brick down and walked towards the tube the prisoner was in.

“Christie! You are alive!” Derek said with a small smile. “I thought they had killed you like they did Mom and Dad!”

“No...but I've done...” She looked at the brick and her outfit. No way she wanted her brother to see her dressed as an exotic dancer but things couldn't be helped. “...horrible things. I've killed people, practically gave some of them to the Irkens.” She sobbed.

“So have I.” Derek said. “I willed myself alive just so I could see you maybe once again. Some of those bugs said you were dead, but I knew better. But they are going to kill me.” He sighed.

“NO!” Christie said running for the brick.

“DON'T!” He yelled out at her. She paused and turned around.

“Why the fuck not?! Look at what they did to you! To me! To Mom and Dad! To humanity!”

“Yes, but the Tallest are there. You go in screaming more profanity than I heard you say in your lifetime, waving a brick, you won't make it though the threshold! But stay here so I can tell you this one last message.” Derek said.

“What?” Christie said in anger that she used to hold back tears.

“Forget any wrong that I've done. My time has come. I can't be you. You are more of a fighter than me. You made it nearly 5 years all on your own! Can't say I like how you did it, but you did. Don't resent me. Keep me in your memory and leave out all the rest.” Christie wiped her eyes and fell to her knees. She couldn't take this being the last time she saw her brother. She looked up and saw the glass-like tube so she picked up the brick and was ready to throw it at the containment chamber when she heard footsteps.

“RUN!” He said as she ran to the closet in the back of the room and hid. It was as if she was 14 years old all over again. The door opened to the range and she saw a pair of Irken guards, including Zim, come through the door. Christie bit down on the brick to keep herself from screaming. I'm here again, locked in the closet while an Irken kills my family! I can't do anything! What the fuck is wrong with me?! Christie thought as she peeked out the closet door. The generals were followed by Dib and Professor Membrane. Dib was holding a weird gun while wearing and Irken scientist's jacket. Finally the Tallest came through the door. They were imposing figures, both over a foot and a half taller than both Dib and Zim. At their presence, she froze. Whether it was their title, their height, or just their mere presence, she knew Derek was right to keep her from going crazy on the Tallest.

“Glowgoo!” Floogoo yelled. “Get the bastard out of his chamber!”

“Yes sir!” A short, young Irken assistant said opening the chamber and propping up Derek. “Should I put a blindfold on him sir?”

“Nah, let him see it.” Floogoo said waving his hand nonchalantly like he did when he showed he didn't care. “Membrane Jr! You're up!” He yelled as Glowgoo ran back in with the rest of the crowd.

“Fuck off.” Dib whispered to himself as he stepped forward and pulled out the sound gun. He placed a set of ear plugs in his ears. “Now Irkens aren't affected but as a human I will need these. Anyone behind the shooter can be knocked out.”

“Okay.” Purple said.

“Any last words you human pig-smelly?” Zim asked.

“Glad to see I caused enough trouble to have My Tallest-” He said in a mocking tone. “- here to watch my execution! I'm just sorry I couldn't have done more to piss you guys off!” He figured if he was going to die, he might as well piss the Irkens off.


“Yes My Tallest!” Dib said as he pulled the trigger, releasing a high-pitched sound that caused Derek to fall to the ground dead. With that same trigger pull, Christie took a horrified gasp and fell unconscious.

How was that? Good? Bad? Dialogue heavy? Let me know in a review. I know it took a VERY long time to update but I had a lot of requests on others. Anyway, I hope you liked it and want to read more. Remember to read (well you just did) and review! Ciao for now,
Sorry I haven't been able to post more. Same computer issues and I have a few lines on people who can fix them for reasonable rates, I just have to wait for work to start for the reasonable rate. _-_ However once I do I can do more and maybe make my amazon sales better. I mean I am doing it to get extra money on the side to help pay for my meds and such for when the season at H and R block is over. I am taking Enrolled Agent classes now and am 2/3 of the way there. Just have the Business Taxation part to deal with and then it will be done. All I then have to do is file with the IRS for the title and I will be done.

Now that isn't that stressful for me, in fact I enjoy the studying and the fact I am working to a better life for me and my fiancée and a young child we mentor. In fact her mother said we were the best influence she had. It is my fiancée's family. They treat us like shit for trying to make a better life, slander us and do all sorts of other vile insults. I am sorry if we are trying to be responsible and help people that is just how it is and we are trying to make better lives so we can move on our own. Is that something to be ashamed of? Well to them it is. Yes I mean it. THEY THINK IT IS A BAD THING TO WANT A BETTER LIFE. Wish I was lying but it is true. While his mother treated us like crap, his grandma thinks we are brainwashing our mentor child (While the mother loves us for it. So who would you rather take for advise on that one? Me the mother of the child) won't let us help her fix her house and it wouldn't take too much and it could be done over time not all at once too. And she didn't do that until we started opening businesses and getting jobs so we could do better. I tried for SSI but didn't get it so I got a job, a good one that I am good at and then she acted like we were shit for that. I am trying real hard to get the Enrolled Agent thing done but that stuff puts so much stress on me it is not funny. It's a great motivator in a sick way but that isn't a good thing. I tried talking to my mom and dad, seeing if we could live there while I transfer to one up there but that is hard. Anyway, more will come when this FML stuff gets done with. Just needed to vent and see if anyone felt me. Thanks for reading.
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I have epilepsy too so yeah, it's a pain but I hope to get help soon. :D

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