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Okay, if by the TWENTITH CHAPTER you need a disclaimer and you do not know that I do not own Naruto, you have SERIOUS issues. Now there has been a lot of stressors going on in my world but now I have this chapter ready, I am going to post it and see what you out there in Readerland have to say to make me feel better. But enough of my life and this A/N, on with the fic!

Konan lay baby Sasuke down in the crib that they had built and then lay back in the bed herself. Not only had she just helped to extract a Tailed Beast from a jinchuriki host but she had also just given birth as well. Itachi stood beside the door, looking upon his wife and son. It had seemed to give him a reason to live now. As soon as he found out that Konan was pregnant, he was beginning to feel that way, but it wasn't until baby Sasuke was born did life really have meaning again. Pein walked by the room Konan was resting in and looked inside. He may have been raised rough and grown up during war but even to him a child was something special. His formation of Akatsuki was to end war to being with. Yet through the years, Pein had learned the minds of men all too well. Mankind would not remain peaceful or well behaved without some kind of negative reinforcement that they had just managed to create.

“How is baby Sasuke doing?” Pein asked of Itachi.

“Fine. I am waiting until Konan waked up again before I take my rest.” Itachi said rubbing his eyes.

“I will look after the child.” Pein said with a pat on Itachi's shoulder and the smallest possible hint of a smile. He was a orphan like Konan. Despite being the leader of an evil power hungry organization, he never wanted any child to become an orphan because of war. Sure, it could happen in his efforts; people were naturally going to resist any rule. But when the dust settled, war orphans would hopefully be a thing of the past.

“I think I will take your advice Leader-sama.” Itachi said as he curled up next to Konan.

Once Pein was sure Itachi was asleep, he took a moment to look at baby Sasuke. There was a tuft of black hair on his head and while Pein never saw any pictures of Itachi when he was a newborn, Pein was certain this child inherited his father's hair and a few of his facial features. Pein also knew that baby Sasuke was bound to inherit the Sharingan as well, but he wouldn't find that out for years. Somehow, in baby Sasuke's soothed sleep, Pein knew that even though war was on the horizon, there was a good reason for it and he was holding it in his hands at that very moment.

Pein swore that he was going to make sure this child did not become an orphan of war like he and Konan were. It was wrong and ruined children. But he would have to keep both Konan and Itachi from the front lines if at all possible. It would be easy to have Konan stay out of the fighting, she followed Pein's orders and would stay to guard the base and other rear guard duties. After all, it was something that she was good at.  Itachi on the other hand, would be more eager to fight. Yet with the birth of his son, he may be more easily persuaded to stay towards the back. “You are in God's hands baby Sasuke.” Pein said as he held Sasuke close.  “I will make sure that the world never wars and hurts you again.” Baby Sasuke yawned and stretched and turned over in Pein's arms.

(Page break to Konoha)

Tsunade looked out the window. She was waiting for the conformation from the Hidden Cloud Village of what she already knew. Her instincts had told her that Akatsuki had captured Killer B, but without word from them, the Village Elders would not allow her to act. With Kumo's help as well as Suna's help, Konoha would stand a better fighting force in this upcoming war. No matter what however, it was going to be a very long war ahead of them. Not one battle was ever going to solve this. “War is here.” She whispered as she saw some storm clouds on the horizon.

“Mi lady?” Shizune asked from behind her.

“Yes Shizune?” Tsunade asked biting her thumb. While she was furious at what was going on, after all the elders did not want her heading to Ame with a force after Naruto was captured and his body found on the edge of the Land of Fire. Maybe when she found out the Hidden Cloud had lost their jinchuriki in the same way, they would finally allow her to make the declaration of war she needed to.

“The village elders wish to speak with you. They have a message and wish that you report to them immediately.” She reported.

“That's good. I want to speak to them as well.” Tsunade said turning around. The Elders had held up her plans to attack Ame, the last known hideout of Akatsuki, since even before Naruto was killed. In fact when his body was discovered they blamed her for not acting sooner. It took all she had to not kill them on the spot for that comment. How dare they suggest she didn't care! They didn't! Maybe this would be the incident that struck the point home to those old fools. If they try to make this seem like a failure on my part, those old fools will find their end finally. I will kill them! Tsunade thought as she opened the door to the conference room and sat down casually but assertively across from them.

“Good. You have arrived Princess Tsunade.” Homura said with a stern growl.

“I am sure you have an idea of why you are here.” Koharu said looking at Tsunade with a smirk. They had tense confrontations before. They were still not ready to believe that plots Danzo had to take control were real. However, this was not the time to dismiss Tsunade as a conspiracy theorist.

“So, because you heard about what happened in the Hidden Cloud Village, you finally agree to my plan to take a stronger offensive against Akatsuki finally?” Tsunade said with a  smirk.

“It is along those line Princess Tsunade, yes.” Koharu said.

“And you will not stand in my way. I already have an envoy preparing to head to Suna where the Raikage, Kazekage and our ambassadors will meet to form an alliance in this next Shinobi World war.” Tsunade said.

“What makes you think this will be a Shinobi World War?” Homura said. “Are we sure you are not overreacting to this?”

“I know you idiots would say something like that.” Tsunade said placing her face in her palm. “But the things are lining up too well. A rouge group with control of the Tailed Beasts. Now they have ALL NINE OF THEM with a manifesto to control the whole world. Sure, some villages now are glad to be rid of their jinchuriki, but when the time comes, they won't be so happy about it. Nobody wants to be oppressed.”

“So why are you not going if the Kazekage and Raikage are going to be at the summit in Suna?” Homura said trying to catch Tsunade up. This would be the perfect opportunity for them to 'convince' the Lord of the Land of Fire that Tsunade was crazy and losing her touch and that Danzo should be the the one to replace her as Hokage. Sending her out to Suna would be a good way to usurp the power without anyone trying to interfere. Sure, Tsunade had exposed his plan earlier and he was arrested but that did not mean the village elders did not have other plans and using a war would be the perfect way for them to get what they really wanted.

“They know that I am also head of the Medical Corps here. If war with Akatsuki's forces is about to break out soon, then I must tend to the forces here to make sure our own shinobi are up to scratch with the medical corp. I will have Shizune go in my stead as part of the entourage. I will also have Shikamaru Nara, Suigetsu and Sasuke Uchiha as part of the envoy.” Tsunade explained.

“Suigetsu and Sasuke Uchiha?!” Homura asked astonished. “Sure, Sasuke may have killed Orochimaru but I hardly think that rouge nin like them should represent this Village!”

“Then you are more of a fool than I thought when it comes to seeing their value to this mission. And they are FORMER rouge nin. They have all sworn alliance to Konoha on risk of death.” Tsunade said as she placed her hands on the table staring Homura and Koharu down. “Suigetsu was training to be one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. Now let's see if you two geezers can still see well enough to read. Which Akatsuki member was one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist?”

“Kisame Hoshigaki.” Koharu said with disgust.

“Exactly. And who is in Akatsuki that is related to Sasuke Uchiha?” Tsunade asked exasperated.

“Itachi Uchiha.” Homura sighed.

“Yes! Those two would provide insight on some of the training of some of the members! Not to mention Sasuke wants to kill Itachi! If you want to take down Akatsuki, they know things that will help along with the little bits of intel we managed to gather!” Tsunade yelled. “We cannot deny that what is coming up is going to take years to finish, The past three ninja world wars took years and there were no  weapons like Akatsuki is expected to have.”

“How do you know?” Koharu asked.

“It can very easily be assumed. All 9 of the jinchuriki have been captured. It is best if we operated as if the worst is to be faced.” Tsunade said as she got up. “Now if you old geezers don't mind, I have to see my envoy off.” She said simply as she got up, left the conference room and slammed the door behind  her. If those fools get themselves killed off, I won't miss them. Tsunade thought as she headed back to her office.

“News Mi Lady?” Shizune asked.

“Assemble an envoy. You, Shikamaru, Suigetsu and Sasuke will head to the Sand Village with any other shinobi you feel would be good for the trip.” Tsunade explained.

“Without Sakura and Karin in the envoy as well?” Shizune asked.

“I need them both here. My best Medical Corps nin are going to receive extra training and make sure their skills are razor sharp. I will have Sakura prepare classes on poisons and antidotes with what she has been through at the hands of Akatsuki's poisons, she is more knowledgeable than I am at this point. She is even making medicine to enhance her chakra rehabilitation.” Tsunade paused as she poured herself a shot of sake and drank it down quickly. “She is still undergoing therapy with Karin and to be frank, I can't wait to see how therapy progresses without Sasuke staring at them like a horny pervert. I think he had some dreams that could make Jiraiya blush.”

“Yes....” Shizune said looking away. “Well, I will go fetch Suigetsu and Sasuke. What do you think about Juugo going with them?”

“Have him stay. He's great at logistics it turns out and as along as you don't make him mad, he's real sweet.” Tsunade said. She looked out towards Suna and sighed. Nothing about this was normal, but war was never normal or easy. To think that all this was falling on her shoulder was an overwhelming thought at times. She gripped her necklace that her grandfather had given to her. It was returned to her when Naruto's body was found. It meant more to her than anything ever had before. When she had first given it to Naruto, she thought he was going to be the next Hokage, but that ended up not being the case. It was the same thing that happened to her brother and to Dan. Either the Akatsuki didn't know the necklace was there, didn't know what it was worth, or they didn't care about the money (which seemed to be most likely the case), but the connection now forged with the necklace was much more powerful. It was as if she was the one chosen to lead Konoha though this crisis. The souls of her brother, Dan and Naruto were helping her and even though the upcoming struggle was going to be long and many people were going to die, but this was going to be a war that she could win with the souls of her loved ones helping her.

“Well, if you have nothing else to say mi lady,” Shizune said looking at Tsunade's pensive look as she stared at the necklace. “And I will report back when the team has been assembled.”

“Good.” Tsunade said as she took another drink her sake and held her necklace close. Grandfather please be with me. Konoha is in a new crisis and I hope to lead this nation though it. She thought as Shizune shut the door behind her. Once she was certain that Shizune had gone to summon the requested ninja, she got up and headed to the hospital where she was certain that Sakura and Karin were at. They had been working on various combat medic skills for awhile now. Since she had began the therapy with Karin and taking her chakra enhancing medicines, Sakura was regaining her chakra control. And while it was not as good as it once was, as Sakura was going to start surgeon training when she was attacked, she was making marked improvements. Karin was knowledgeable about many forms of medical ninjutsu herself, she had also become skilled in forbidden types of medical ninjutsu that were not often taught in Konoha. After spending that time with Orochimaru, Karin was bound to know something that could be of use. This was war after all. Tsunade opened the door to where they often were training to find that Sakura was already teaching Karin about basic antidotes.

“All those poisons used on Sasuke and Orochimaru never taught you about antidotes?” Sakura asked astonished.

“Nope. It was a form of control. If we crossed Orochimaru, he'd deny you the antidote of the poison he used on you. “ Karin said as she held out an arm for Sakura to suck on to jump start her chakra flow. “Only Kabuto knows the antidotes and poisons used in the Sound Village. I mean I know what is poisonous and how it can be administered, as a prison guard I knew a little bit, but nowhere as much as he did.”

“Do you know what became of Kabuto?” Tsunade asked suddenly when she walked up behind them.

“Lady Tsunade!” Karin said jumping up saluting her. “No one knows. After Sasuke killed Orochimaru, he was never heard from again. We tried finding him but couldn't and Sasuke wanted to kill Itachi more than Kabuto, so we didn't look that hard.”

“That's important to know.” Tsunade said. “Will you two girls come with me? I have to come up with a few war plans and you two are needed.”

“Yes, mam!” Sakura and Karin said saluting, getting up and following Tsunade to a dark room that had posters of the various systems of the human body with a tactical map of the world in the center of the room.

“Where are we?” Karin asked.

“This is the medical corps war room. Here is the various battle sites that would be encounter in this upcoming ninja war with Akatsuki and the various causalities. This is how we determine where to send what types of medical personnel where.” Tsunade explained waving a hand at the map.

“What do you mean?” Sakura asked. “I know they killed Naruto and extracted his demon, are you saying that they captured the Eight-Tails as well?”

“Precisely.” Tsunade nodded.

“Aren't all nin equipped with basic first aid techniques and tools?” Sakura asked.

“Yes, but as you can attest Sakura-chan, it can hardly be compared to some actual battle wounds. I mean you two know the difference between a training wound that can be healed easily versus combat wounds that need much more work and are not as simple that require immediate treatment. They involve damage to organs that are harder to heal outside of a hospital setting.” Tsunade explained as both Sakura and Karin nodded. “Then I am sure you would understand why for the medical corps to know what is going on and to send the right medics where they need to be.”

“Yes.” Sakura said nodding. “So, what is it you need from us?”

“I am working on the medical corps deployment and I have the assignments for you two. Sakura, I want you to prepare an intensive course on poisons and antidotes based on what you have been through and what I have taught you. Just what I heard Karin tell you about her knowledge in the Sound village alarms me, but I kind of expected that. But our own Medics are not up to par with poisons and if multiple members of Akatsuki are experienced, then we need to know.”

“Yes Mi Lady!” Sakura said saluting. “I will have the first class ready by tomorrow.”

“And Karin, get to know the surgeons in the intensive care ward. You chakra transfer skills will be needed most there. The worst injuries will drain one's chakra like it did Sakura's and you will be of best service there.  Is that understood?” Tsunade said.

“Sure.” Karin said. She wasn't as devoted to Tsunade as Sakura was but she had no better options. As Karin left to meet with the chief of intensive care, Shizune entered.

“Shizune?” Tsunade asked.

“I have gathered my team together and we are to head for Suna immediately. You asked me to inform you once I had everything ready.”

“Excellent. All we can do now is our jobs.” Tsunade said

“Yes Mi Lady.” Shizune said.

“Is Sasuke with you?” Karin asked from behind the door.

“Yes.” Shizune said.

“Let me say goodbye to him first!” Karin said.

“Fine.” Shizune said with a slight giggle.

So how was that? Good? Bad? Filler? A Kage summit is coming. It all can't be romance you know, and the next few chapters will have war going on and how it impacts baby Sasuke's life. It will get tough out there.  And I know this chapter wasn't as long as some others but hey, they can't all be War and Peace. Sorry for the wait on the update. But that's all I have to say right now so remember to read, (well you just did) and to review. Ciao for now,

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I know this comes around a lot but I am getting tired of hearing about social issues dividing us when there is bigger fish to fry in this country. I am meaning about abortion and reproductive rights and gay marriage rights, two very hot topics in this country right now. And I don't want an issue on a person's lifestyle be the trigger that could cause another civil war.

I think that you can be both pro-life and pro choice and here is how one can be like that. You can be legally pro-choice and personallly pro-life. If someone asks another for advice on how to handle an unexpected pregnancy and they advise against abortion, then fine. My issue is when someone tries to legalize various aspects of women's health care thinking that they are serving some higher power on this. Cases like forced transvaginal ultrasound and making doctors describe the fetus to the woman is rather maddening. Are the people making these laws gynocologists or OBGYNs? Are they even women? Most likely, no. I would go to those experts for advise on my uterus, as it is their job. But when you claim to want less government, then that would apply across the board. If you want it out of your gun shop and schools and churches, then it is only fair to get them out of the doctor's office in all branches of practice. Science says the best cases are 23 weeks fetal viabilty outside the womb, but most doctors agree the earliest a baby can be viable outside the womb and have a minimal hindering when it comes to birth defects is 7 months, or about 28 weeks. But even that is not always the case. I was born with a form of epilepsy that manifested in puberty by a brain atrophy that was most likely linked to birth trauma with myconium and the cord around my neck and I was 9 days late. And if you want the woman to carry the fetus to term and keep it, you best help her either adopt off the child easily without being made to feel like a worthless piece of garbage because she deterimned she wasn't the best for the child or provide more support in child care and food stamps and welfare. But they don't want that either. There is options out there other than abortion for unwanted pregnancy, but a scared and confused woman needs facts, not fear or shame. If you aren't her, you don't know her story and you need to bear that in mind. Pro-choice is pro information and pro help. To make a good choice for you you need all the facts with no shame.

And we should inform all young women (I'd say about 15 the latest) of all the birth control options and how it can help in ways other than preventing pregnacy. I waited until I was 21 to get birth control and suffered horribly because of my period. If I was told sooner, I wouldn't have had complications that derailed my life. (And periods make epilepsy worse) but there are people would would call me a slut and whore for taking it. Well, take that from me and then when my PMS kicks in tell me that and I will kick your ass within an inch of your life. PMDD is no fun. ANd if you are a Biblethumper with a penis, don't tell me how my vagina works.

Now the second thing I want to talk about is gay marriage. I live in East KY and thanks to Kim Davis, I can't wait to flee. I know her type. It is a plauge in Applachia that keeps jobs out. She used her "religion" to get out of doing her job and get rich quick. Many people here get strung out on drugs like meth, heroin, weed and pain pills then on Sunday go to church and act like everything is okay. No, it is not. To be Saved, you have to make change in your life. Sure you may slip up now and again, we all do. But now and again is not every day. Employers can't give people here jobs. I get this from talking to said enturopenuers. They try to start a business operation like timber or reclaimation from mines or even a coal mine and they can't get people to work more than one day without stealing tools or failing drug tests. Now this isn't everybody but there is enough of a culture of ignorance and hypocrocy that East KY is avoided by people starting new businesses. West Virginia, Virginia and Pennsylvania and Tennesseee are all improving because their Applachian areas don't do that. But rant aside, it goes towards hypocrocy. People like Kim Davis do not really value straight marriage. She had been married 4 times. If she wanted to get out of them Biblically, she would have to have been cheated on, abused or all of them died. Okay, so if I married 3 other guys and they did that, I would reevaluate my taste in men. But no, she did not have poor taste in men, she had no self control. She was married once, cheated on him and got pregnant by another man, married him (as if that absolves the sin. NOT!) and then divorced him and married again. So obviously she isn't one to talk. But by taking a stand, bigots pay her TONS and she won't have to work again. She isn't stupid, just hiding behind your religion to get paid. If there is one certain business, it is religion.

But then we get back to the if you want government out, it applies across the board. All same sex couples ask is the same legal rights and tax breaks straight couples do. And a woman marrying a man for money is more meaningful than a homosexual couple who had been together for years ANd if someone wants to site Leviticus laws, then they had better not eat shellfish or wear torn jeans or eat blood, wine in church or a myriad of other things. Love bacon? God Hates you. And I am not making that up. So either cherry pick and admit you are mad gay people have more love than your worthless marriage or obey all the Bible as you are not to add or omitt. Religion is man made, thus flawed. I like the idea that you must work hard to be good and only by HIS mercy are you saved. Hell the Pope could not even be good enough in God's eyes. You don't know until you are dead and I would rather go down doing good than being a lame bigoted asshole. And if I am going to fry for eternity, bigotry isn't good enough. I'd have to be in the frozen level or eaten by Satan to be satisifed in evil. (Twisted I know. >:) ) No one is making you get gay married so get off it.

I think if we took this idea of minding our own business and being legally pro but letting ourselves be personally against if we can't stand the idea we could be okay. ANd being personally against does not let you commit hate crimes. That falls into harming someone and that is not okay. I will harm you for harming someone for no good reason. But we go back to that idea we used to have of Mind Your Own Business (Franklin thought to put it on one of our first pennies ;) ) we can tackle some of the bigger issues like education, wage stagnation and our failure to compete with the rest of the developed world.
Mind Your Own Business a political essay

After hearing all the abortion debate and Kim Davis's gay marriage sabatoge, I had to write this. I think you can have whatever stance you want but when you legalize morality, there is problems. No one is making you do something if it is legal. You can say no. Take responsiblity for your actions. And bigotry and slut shaming isn't cool. If someone is legitamitly a whore, but if she needs birth control, that is not cool. 

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If you don't know by now, then you are a fool. See the other 30 chapters for the disclaimer okay? Now today's prompt is "Doing something hot" and I don't know how good it will be, I am not that good at writing this kind of stuff, so I will try. It may be a little NSFW so be careful. But enough of my berating your intelligence and questioning my abilities, on with the drabble!

Tak looked out the window and smiled. They had found a place that was secluded and rather romantic that was not filled with water for their honeymoon. It may have taken a trip to another planet to do so, but it was still beautiful. The mountains were a crystalline mineral that came off as an amethyst type color. Dib didn't want their first time as a married couple to be in some cheap, (maybe not in price but in quality) resort with thousands of other idiots doing the same things that was just what the world wanted them to do as it was what you were supposed to do as a newlywed. This was THEIR honeymoon to express how THEY were as a couple.

"So, is the scenery to your liking?" Dib asked as he kissed Tak's neck and ran his finger along Tak's antennae causing her to melt into his arms.

"It will be in a few minutes." Tak said as she closed the curtains and turned laying him on the bed. She then placed a deep kiss on his lips and wrapped her long Irken tongue around his and moved her hand down his back.

"You know, I have waited for this for a long time." Dib whispered to Tak pulling her close.

"Why? We've done this before." Tak said.

"Yes, but this time, we are married. It means we promised each other that we would stay by the other's side for the rest of our lives. And that is so much hotter than wild monkey sex." Dib said as he kissed Tak back.

"Yeah, but the monkey sex still can be pretty good." Tak smiled as she quickly turned and laid down with Dib on top of her.

"Oh yeah?" Dib asked with a mischievous smile on his face.

"Yeah." Tak said as she lifted Dib up and took his shirt off. She tossed it aside carelessly. She then kissed his chest and headed down his chest. He arched back and moaned in delight, feeling his arousal increase. He then reached up and took Tak closer to him. He slipped his hands under her dress and pulled it up over her head and tossed it aside, landing next to his trench coat and shirt. Dib then returned the favor that Tak was expressing to him, placing his lips on her chest and at what would be the equivalent of breasts on an Irken and ran his tongue around the nipples. Tak moaned in pleasure. "Ooooooooohhhh that feels great."

"Glad to hear it." Dib said. Tak then felt Dib get more aroused and decided she couldn't keep teasing him and keeping him confined, so she took his belt, unfastened it, and pulled it off. She then slapped him playfully with it. She then took his pants and pulled them down.

"Now that is what I love to see." Tak said as she looked at Dib in his natural form.

"Well, now that we don't have any obstacles hindering us," Dib said as he laid Tak on the bed and kissed her, holding himself over her, teasing her slightly by putting his tip in and out in a playful fashion. Each time Tak would moan with pleasure but when he pulled away, she grabbed him and pulled him back closer.

"Stop being a tease." Tak said. "I love this and you know I do."

"If that is my new wife's command, don't say I didn't warn you." Dib said with a mischievous gleam in his eye.

"I'm tough. You are just coddling me too much." Tak said as she wrapped her legs around Dib and pulled him closer and further into her. "I love you, my big strong man."

"Well your big strong man is going to make your day." Dib said laying Tak down. "I love you too Tak." He said enjoying all the benefits that came with an interstellar honeymoon.
I figured I would update this journal. I don't have much going on, I mean it is off season and I have a few job offers but since Kentucky's Unemployment laws suck major ass. :iconfrageplz: I am working on selling stuff on Amazon as phoenixangel429 but that is not too much going on. Just hoping something goes through. Anyway I am working on reading and fanfics I neglected now so that is all that is really going on right now. 
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I have epilepsy too so yeah, it's a pain but I hope to get help soon. :D

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CrimsonFALKE Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist… that is funny I mean really what the fuck is that mean I am a lesbian woman in a man's body!?
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By tumblr's logic. Look up "Billy's inner frat boy" on youtube. I am on a smartphone or I'd post a link. That is tumblr in a nutshell
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epic stuff
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:iconfawkesplz::iconsaysplz: People should not be afraid of their governments, the governments should be afraid of the people.

:iconstarlightglimmerplz::iconsaysplz: Oh shit.....


See what happens when MLP gets all creepy like Adam Sutler? V has to come blow up some ponies!

Remember remember the 5th of November, the gunpowder treason and plot. I see no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot. 

(I cannot watch that episode without going on a rant about the government.....)
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